Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 Things Thursday

Happy Thursday!

Wow!  What a crazy week.  I didn't intend for THURSDAY to be the only day I post something but.......

1.  Being back at work has shown me that stress is one of my food triggers.  All I want to do these days is munch.  I find myself trying to replace my food obsession with other things.  Diet coke ...I buy a huge one at Circle K a couple times a week to drink at work. Dove Promises...damn those tasty little treats.  On-line shopping.....I browse (not while at work!) an awful lot but usually don't actually place the order. 

Why can't I become obsessed with cleaning?  Or gardening?

2.  I am really struggling with my weight...trying to keep it from creeping up.  I definitely need more fluid in my band if I want to lose that last 5-10 lbs but I just got a fill.  Maybe getting the band up to 2.75 cc will help.

3.  I planted some lovely plants in our front yard this the 100 degree heat.  It's kind of funny how happy those little plants make me when I walk by them.  I have NEVER been interested in the yard before but who knows where this will lead.

4.  I still hate dislike running, BUT one minute sprints are still in my workout. Unfortunately, they have not become more enjoyable.

5.  Everyone talks about running a half-marathon or doing a sprint triathalon.......Why can't I find a Zumba-thon?  Like a 5 hour deal?  (I actually looked on-line for one!  I found a 2 hour class but it's an hour away from where I live.)

6.  My new "go-to" dinner idea is the Kraft "Fresh Takes" for chicken or pork.  If you haven't tried these, you should.  I bought some with coupons and got them for $0.75 each.  My family loves them and they only add 100 calories to my chicken.  For me it's totally worth it to have a break from another grilled chicken breast.

7.  I ordered two new shirts for Zumba...I am sprucing up my workout wear!  Unfortunately, I ordered Large and they are SKIN TIGHT.  Nice for the ol' ego huh??  Hopefully, I can exchange them for larger sizes.

8.  I am currently obsessed with flavoring my greek yogurt.  Add some SF instant pudding mix, a little skim milk, 2 squirts SF Torani or some splenda and I am good to go!! 

My fav combinations lately are Pistachio pudding w/ toasted pistachios on top, Butterscotch pudding with  SF caramel Torani and cut up banana--maybe a few walnuts too, Lemon pudding with blueberries or strawberries, or Cheesecake pudding with fruit or a few chocolate chips.  Yum--o

9.  I think I might have gotten the "full" signal at dinner tonight. (it's also TOM so that could be it but I am hoping it's just my band doing it's job.)   I know that sounds strange since I have been banded for 15 months BUT my experience with the band has been soooooooooo hit or miss.  No restriction or too much restriction.  I have NEVER been in the green zone. 

10.  Looking forward to spending some time with the family this weekend.  I am sure you are too!!!
Big Hugs!!!

Weigh in Wednesday

Struggling like crazy.  Really want to get another fill.

Highest weight: 205
Pre surgery weight: 180
Goal weight :140-142
Current weight:  145.2

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Triple T

Its Thursday day until Friday!

1.  Went and got a small fill this week ( for those of you keeping score at home I am now at 2.25 cc in a 10 cc band) and even though I don't know if it gave me any restriction or not it definitely helped me get my head back in the game.  I am focused....chewing like its my job...measuring....logging food and kicking hiney at the gym.  Just getting on the scale at the dr office was enough to get me going!

2.  Ordered two new workout shirts last night. This is one of them.

3.  I am sooooo bummed not to be at BOOBS.  would love to meet all of you some day.

4.  Kiddos are going to grammy's house for the weekend so hubby & I can have an anniversary redo.  I have NO IDEA what we are going to do with all that freedom ...I mean free time.

5.  Getting into the rhythm of work...back for a month & the routine is rolling along.  I think I won over my first period today....they have gone from tolerating me @ 7am to actually enjoying me & my crazy teaching activities at 7 am.

6.  NSV today.  Pizza brought in to teachers lounge for lunch...I am talking a truckload of pizza.   I wavered...picked up the phone and called a friend for reinforcement.  I really did not want any pizza...I brought a perfectly wonderful steak salad for lunch.....BUT. The idea of free pizza was really tempting me.   I could have had a slice but I am choosing to have two glasses of wine tonight instead.  Choices.

7.  Yesterday I had the day off from work and instead of sleeping in (like I wanted to) I still got up at 5 am to go to the gym (like I needed) and was home before the kids left for school.  It may be the only day all year that my daughter had cute hair.  Daddy just doesn't make her hairstyles a priority.  I love him anyway.

8.  Last weekend I got to spend 8 hours with one of my very best friends.  I had a blast catching up with her.  I think we talked non- stop the entire time!

9.  Kiddos are in their second week of swim team.  Man is it a lot of work!  For them.....not me....I am watching them swim.  (Actually, on Monday I was working out while watching them swim.  I brought my exercise bands and yoga mat and just worked out on the pool deck.  I REALLY DID NOT CARE IF THE OTHER MOMS THOUGHT THAT WAS WEIRD OR NOT!)

10.  I am making brownies tonight since it's my turn to host " neighborhood night.". EVERY SINGLE BROWNIE must leave the premises with the guests or there will be hell to pay.

hoping your weekend gets off to a great start.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday

Hello to all.  It is that dreaded day of the week where in order to hold me accountable, I weigh in PUBLICLY!!

Highest weight:  205
Weight on day of surgery:  180
Goal weight:  140-142
"Freak-out Weight":  145
Weight today:  146

A GAIN????  Does anyone see an upward trend??  Hands up.....(I am holding both of my hands in the air)

So what is a girl to do???

1. Get back on track with measuring food portions.  Since I haven't really had any fluid in my band since June, I know I can eat WAY TOO MUCH food.  Plus I am hungry every two hours. YUCK.

2.  Call and make a fill appointment.  (done)  Went to dr. yesterday and got .75 cc fill which brings me to about 2.25cc total.  This is actually lower than last September when I was trying to find my green we are a year later and I am still looking for it!!  That's ok though, I have all the time in the world to be back down to 140. 

3.  Kick up my exercise.  I have been keeping up with my workouts but the quality of them has decreased.  I  don't have that much time now that school has started so every workout minute needs to count!

Maintenance is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Weigh -in

Second week of posting my's actually hard for me to do.  (Posting it....not getting on the scale.)  I feel everyone knows if I ate healthy or not...which is the point ?  right?

Highest weight:  205
Weight on day of surgery:  180
Goal weight:  140-142
Last week: 144
Weight today:  145

A GAIN????  That's not what I was going for. Maintenance is tricky. 

I weighed in 4days in a row at 145.0...whenever my weight is EXACTLY the same, I know I am not eating enough.  I added in an extra 140 calories to my daily budget to see if that would break the cycle.  It did...weighed in at 144.4 & 144.6 the last two days.  Now I am starting to wonder IF maybe I don't need those extra calories??  I really don't want to gain.  I will start to cut back on some of my exercise since I go back to work tomorrow.

I guess I will have  to see what happens over the next few days and re-evaluate.
Happy Wednesday.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Rough night....little one has an ear up several times with her.  After the last time, I couldn't fall back asleep and eventually got up for the day at 4:20am.

2.  What would you do if you were awake at 4:20 am, still on summer break and don't have to get up???  Read a book?  Clean something?  I went to the gym and did 85 mins. of cardio BEFORE I had my Pilates Reformer class @ 7:15am.

3.  Does anyone else get tight when it's hot?  (Or you are in the middle of your cycle?  Or the moon is in the third phase?  Or it's a day of the week that ends in the letter "y?")  silly question!

4.  Let me remind you....I have 1.5cc in a 10 cc band.  I have been stuck the last two days on the weirdest things.  How is it possible though....there isn't anything in my band!!!!!

Today it happened again....on cornbread mind you.  Now...I know....bread is in the word "corn bread" and I avoid bread BUT cornbread is the consistency of cake.  I don't avoid cake.  I don't get stuck on cake.  Anyhoo, I threw up four times over the course of 3 hours b/c the cornbread was just sitting there.  Please refer back to #3 if you have insight.

5.  Spent 11 hours  working in my classroom the last two days.  School starts for me on the 6th.  Still have things to do to get ready!!

6.  Today we got a patio.  Yes, a patio.

We have been renovating the backyard and the crew came yesterday to prep for paving stones.  Today they laid the whole patio and it looks great!!!!  I have waited 12 years for a new patio and yard so I am pretty excited.  Pix to follow.

7.  Bought the cutest cropped / cuffed jeans at Kohl's for $9 and they were size 6!!!  Yes people....a 6!  This is the second size 6 I have bought.  My goal is to be consistently a size 8 and I have been since June, but getting a 6 in there once in awhile is good for the ego.

8.  Today is "neighbor night."  Yep.  A get together with neighbors.  During the school year we do "neighbor night" on Sundays.  We have dinner and watch "Survivor" and the "Amazing Race."  We have done this for 12 years!!!  The tradition started the summer that Survivor premiered and we had such a good time hanging out, it stuck.  Since our shows are in hiatus over the summer, we get together and swim instead.  (Survivor starts at the end of September and we will be back to Sundays.)

9.  It's hot.  I wish we had air conditioning.

10.  I have a "date" this weekend with my son (aka Monkey #1).  We are going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then we are going to watch the first Harry Potter movie together per his request.  We have read the first 4 books in the series and he thinks he is ready to try the first movie.  (yes, he is a scaredy cat...doesn't like anything dark or scary in movies.  I am exactly the same.  I read all kinds of scary books, serial killers, true crime, etc. BUT can't watch any of it on DVD.  Weird huh.)

Have a good day! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

I normally DO NOT post my weigh-ins on my blog.

I do weigh myself everyday though.  (Yes, call me all the names you can think of...scale whore, etc.)

I think that since I am doing maintenance (kinda sorta)  I could use all the support I can get from you wonderful people!

Highest weight:  205
Weight on day of surgery:  180
Goal weight:  140-142
Last week: ??? I don't know...I think 143
Weight today:  144

Gotta track my food a little more carefully and get near that 142 again.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My "Go*dwill" Hunt!

Hello to all of you!

Today I headed out to G*odwill in search of a jacket.  Today was the LAST DAY of my 25% off coupon before it expired.  (Forgive the no make-up's hot!)  Here's what I got:

a blouse for work

a jacket...horrible shot of me in it but my 8 year old was in charge of the camera so you get what you get

Anne Klein shoes....I know....I know...pointy toes are a bit dated BUT I LOVE THEM and can never find pointy shoes in the stores.  I am leading a one-woman campaign to bring back the pointy toed shoes!

a pink tank top

  All for $22.46....Yipee!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 things THURSDAY

It's Thursday already?????  Where did the week go?

I have had so much going on that I haven't read,commented, or posted this week.  I am out of town now & hope to have some downtime to catch up with what has been going on.

1.  Out of town for the next few days for my SIL wedding

2.  Brought my workout wear & am going to get in a workout fri, sat, & Sunday.

3.  Today is my 15th wedding anniversary!  I am the same size (not weight) that I was at 26 after 8 months on phen-fen...the wonder diet pill of the 90s.

4.  I tried Pilates on the reformer last night for the first time. Gotta love Plum District for the deal.  I hav3 10 more sessions.

5.  I am not giving up...let me repeat....NOT up on my goal of another five pound loss.

6.  I keep bouncing back and forth on my weight....really my body thinks I am in maintenance.  I dont get it because I am journalling my food.

7.  My ass is seriously getting tight!  Yes, I did just give myself a compliment!  I have been working out soooooooooo hard with the weights and I can tell it is working..I feel strong.

8.  I get to see my BIL and family from the east coast tomorrow and I am soooooo excited.  They are here for the same wedding.

9.  Can't wait to get my groove on at the reception with my hubby....apparently that will be our anniversary celebration this year.

10.  I still have 1.5 cc in my band & it's still scary but I am trying to deal with it. Eating at cup of foodor more is still worrisome for me but it hasn't lead to a binge yet.  I have had to resort to gum chewing again to help with the head hunger.

Hope all is well in your world.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's triple T baby!  (I am channeling my inner Guy know..."Drive-Ins, Diners, & Dives."  Anyone?  anyone?  Bueller?  Tap this thing on????)  Thank you  Laura Belle for our Ten Things Thursday.

1.  Started my day with my husband harassing me when I went to get on the scale.  He says "whoa babe, living life on the edge huh?" 

do you want to know why he said this?

I was getting on the scale fully clothed!!!  (it was funny but what a wise ass!)

2.  I made sugar cookies with the monkeys today.  Monkey #2 has been begging to do decorate cookies since school got out....mommy kept postponing.  Ugh!  Doesn't she know that cookie dough is my kryptonite???

3.  Had a full on "graze-a-thon" yesterday.  Just kept snacking.  So mad at myself!  I did try and get things back in check today....until.....we made.....some cookies (above) .....i have had 3.  Damn I don't want to go journal those things in MFP right now.

4.  going to the beach tomorrow with several other "kindergarten" families.  Monkey #2 is sooooooo excited to see her school friends.

5.  did some walk/run intervals this morning.  I hate running but I can do it a minute at a time. 

6.  bought two pairs of shoes will be voting on them, and the dress I think they go with, in the next few days.

7.  gonna get my sweat on tomorrow morning at ZUMBA with my favorite instructor.  I am also going to the gym 40 mins. before class to get my leg workout in.

8.  hoping my weight will magically get back to 142 because I am starting to see an upward trend on the scale and me no likey!

9.  One of the benefits of having virtually no fluid in my band is I can enjoy diet soda with out any problems.  The down side is I have to limit my intake or I don't drink enough plain water.  (Lap Band Gal reminded us of the issues of too much citric acid in ..... LBG: are you bulimic?  )  On my graze-a-thon yesterday I drank an entire 2 liter bottle of diet coke.  yikes.

10.  I am looking forward to going to a "symphony" in the park this weekend.  Not usually my type of music, I can apprecite it, plus it's only once a year.  It also helps offset the other 364 days of listening to the junk food of music like Katy Perry, Pink, Bruno Mars, etc.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do you ever ......?

Do you ever wonder if your clothes won't fit even though they fit yesterday?

I do.  I sometimes worry, stress ....freak my self out...that overnight I gained back all 60+ pounds.

Do you ever find yourself watching a "diet" infomercial or reading an ad for some "magic diet pill" and seriously considering it?

I do.  I forget that I am close to my goal weight.  I still have those moments when I feel desperate to take charge of my weight.  Then I realize, I don't need that infomerical/ pill....I am working my band.

Do you ever feel like you look fit only to see yourself in a different mirror and that what I really look like?

I do.  Sometimes the mirror shows a different body than I feel like I have.  Which image is "real?"

Do you ever force yourself to go to bed because that is the only way to make sure you don't eat anything else for the day?

I do.  I am going to bed right now for that exact reason.

I know I have come a long way in the last 20 months dealing with the mental component of food addiction......the negative self talk, the compulsiveness, the thoughts about food.........but I still have so far to go.  One day at a time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Palm Springs, CA

Monkey #1 giving me a piggy back ride.
 We just got back from a little vacation.  We stayed at the Westin Villas (above) and had a blast.  For those of you unfamiliar with Palm Springs, it is H-O-T in the summer.  That's why we's cheaper to stay in the HOT, it's close & nice pool to hang out in all day.  We basically lived in that pool by the way!!!

Monkey #2 wasn't tall enough to ride alone on the hotel's waterslide but Mom & Dad were happy to go with her.

  Now, pre-band, I would have still gone on the waterslide but I would have felt self-conscious.  Not this year, I really didn't think about walking around in my bathing suit. 

Do I have a rocking body?  NO!!! Do I have a normal "mom body?"  Hell yes. 

Out to dinner with the Mr.

At the pool with the Mr.

I did NOT journal my food while on vacation.  I DID eat some things I shouldn't have like Pecan Sandies and puffy Cheetos.  I DID go to the gym every day but one and worked out hard!!!  I did NOT have a binge while under the influence of was close, but friends and hubby kept an eye on my Cheetos consumption. I DID do a great job at portion control of meals.  Overall,  I DID have a wonderful time. 

Yesterday, I weighed in at 146 and started journaling my food and exercise again.  (TOM so my weight was more retention related than vacation related...thank goodness!)  Today, 143 lbs.  So I seemed to have maintained while on vacation.  Phew.  Thank you band.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ten Things.........Saturday. Yep, I don't care...I am doing it anyway!

I have been away from my computer for far too long.

 I have been reading your posts, commenting...but not as often as I should..... but where has my motivation to write gone???  who knows? 

I am dedicating this TTT to update all of you on my weird pains....stomach- back-side this a band slip type situtaion? 

1.  had a total unfill about a month ago.

2.  Upper GI came back fine.  No slip...yippee

3.  Had an abdominal ultrasound to check things out....everyone seemed to be leaning towards the gallbladder acting up.

4.  Ultrasound came back great!  Had the doc who read the ultrasound, the GP, and my surgeon all confused.

5.  Apparently, nothing is wrong with me......except for the weird 9-12 hour episodes of horrible pain and the chills 3 different times over May and June.  But nothing seems to be wrong.

6.  found out my stoma can hold 24 cc in volume.  Surgeon says that's a bit on the small size...30 cc is the norm.  Really though...who out there knows how big their stoma is?? Could this account for the crazy reaction I have to the slightest fill?  Is this why eating even a 1/2 cup of food when I was filled would be impossible?  He also said something else was on the small size in diameter.  Hmmmmm.

7.  Right now I have 1.5 cc in my band and I think the most I will ever get to is going to be 2.5 cc in a 10 cc band.  Crazy huh?  I just can't seem to have much in the band with out it slamming shut.  (also see #8)

8.  Why so little in the band?  Reason #1:  Well, after a very scary month of being completely UNFILLED, I was able to fight my food addiction and not gain any weight.  It was actually kind of scary though.  I did have one binge...not too bad...but the event scared me b/c I could have completely gone back to my old ways.  It was hard to keep things in check because I could eat whatever I wanted!  Reason #2 I am about 2.5 lbs away from my goal weight of 140.  No need to get myself into some crazy pain & stuck episodes for 2.5 measly pounds.

9.  Unfortunately, those 2.5 lbs are taunting me.  Up and down the scale goes but so far, except for that one HORRIBLE day when I couldn't eat a thing and weighed 140 the next day, that scale will not move below 142.  I am not hung up on the number really, but that 140 magical number is my goal and why be content to stop trying this close to it???

10.  my BMI is a 26 according to my surgeon.  Am I normal and healthy yet????

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy One YEAR Band-a-versary to ME!

June 30th.....2011........ that was my surgery date.

The day of surgery...weighing 180.... after losing 25 lbs fighting my food addiction and doing the pre-op diet.

I was soooooo nervous.  I wasn't worried about anesthesia, or recovery.  I was worried about whether I could do "it."  You know....lose weight with the band or would I fail again??  Would my husband resent me every month as we made my surgery payment if I wasn't successful???

I didn't fail.....and I won't ever.

I have definitely had my ups and downs this year with my band.  (No restriction for months followed by too much restriction.....lots of PB's and the learning curve of how to eat properly with a band.)

Weight loss has not been easy. 

Weight loss has not been quick.

But I am doing it!!!

June 2012 at 143...loss of 63 lbs. far!
I know the band is helping....I have never lost this much weight EVER and been this close to maintenance.  I have never eaten small portions with out a boat load of resentment for what I "can't have or the amount that I want."  The band has shown me ---mostly through negative consequences----what I can eat and how much of food I can have.  I know that exercise pays off. 

I will lose those last few pounds and I will maintain.  You will all be there to help me.......I know you will..........and because of that, I will not fail.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten Things THURSDAY!!!

Thanks again to the lovely and hilarious Laura Belle for our TTT.

1.  WHY CAN'T I FIGURE OUT HOW TO LINK LAURA BELLE's blog to mine when I try and thank her?????  This boggles the shit out of my pea brain!

2.  update on my tummy issues: had the upper GI last week.  Here's how it went:

*radiologist said "do you have a special kind of lap-band?"  (oh shit!!  this can't be a good start to the x ray)

my response was NO.... but why?   he said "it looks like you have an extra small stoma."  I told him that my band was COMPLETELY empty and didn't know what else to say about what is considered a normal sized stoma or not!  

Ultimately, he did some measurements, said he didn't see a band slip, and everything with the band looks good.  Esophagus looked good.   (His report arrived a few days later and confirmed that.  Follow-up call and letter by my GP said the same --now on to a gallbladder ultrasound. Going to send reports to band dr. too)

3.  I bought my first pair of size 6 shorts last weekend.  They do have a little stretch in the denim BUT I will take it.  By the way, I think my butt looks good in them!!!  That's some good self-talk for a change!  Did I mention.........size 6?????  I was a size 6 once...for about a week.....back in the 90s when I was taking the miracle diet drug was such a good week.  ha ha!

4.  You may not have caught in item #2 but I am completely unfilled.  This is a scary place for a food addict.  I have made a few bad choices (i.e. a slice of pizza, some orzo pasta, a sandwich from Sub*ay....not that these foods should be totally off limits BUT for the last 7-8 months I COULD NOT eat them b/c my band wouldn't allow me too)  but limited the quantity.   I am trying to follow the "band rules" even though I know I physically don't have any limitations.  Man this is hard.

5.  Being off work for the summer means I can work out every day!  Yeah for toning!

6.  I hit my goal weight of 140 two weeks ago after not eating for a few days because of the the stomach and back pain.  It didn't last....I knew it wouldn't.

7.   I weighed in at 143.5 today so I still have 3.5 to lose to get to maintenance.  I want to maintain between 138-142.

8.  Lap-band dr. is out of town.  Waiting for him to return to get his advice at how we move forward from here.  I am thinking that I just want to go back to maybe 3 cc in my band and see if that will be doable for maintenance.  (I am a bit anxious though about how many fills that will take since my body freaks out at the smallest fill--my "paid in full"  year is almost up---how expensive will this be??)

9.  I purchased new workout wear from Old N*vy on-line.  I still have a hard time ordering Mediums...I always want to hedge and at least try large (let alone XL or XXL or plus.)  I think my brain has some catching up to do with my new sizes. 

10.  I know I still haven't posted any pictures.  I don't know why......I seem to talk myself out of taking the 'after" pictures.  I am going to get over this though---just you wait.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An the update...catchy title huh???


the saga continues....surprisingly I am in a good mood though.

Ok, went to see my Lap Band dr. today...he squeezed me a complete unfill.  When he took everything out the liquid amounted to 2cc.  yep, I thought I was at 3.5.  Now I know some liquid is still in the tubing but my band is empty.  Surgeon is convinced that my issues are not band can they be with so little in the band????  I am almost a year out...kind of late for a port pain....would be in the ER if it was erosion....etc.

I feel like he (the surgeon) doesn't even want to go there (i.e. "band hell" where everything that could go wrong does).....I kept asking about a slip or my stomach coming up through the band etc. but he thinks maybe gallbladder or acid reflux disease.  (I am rooting for him to be right but worry that he isn't)

On to doctor #2 today.  The General Practitioner seems to agree w/ surgeon...thinking more likely gallbladder or pancreas issues.  He is having me get the Upper GI tomorrow and then ordered a gallbladder ultrasound for the following week.  Also wants me to start taking an anti-acid daily.

So that's the least for now.  Not sure what, if anything, I will find out tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me that it is NOT a slipped band or erosion. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


Due to an insurance SNAFU I wasn't able to get my upper GI today. kind of ironic b/c my insurance did not cover my surgery in the first place but....

Going to the surgeon tomorrow.. Not sure how that is going to go. I will probably get a complete unfill. I am starting to wonder if maybe my issues are NOT band related...maybe that is just hoping.

Through tears today my friend tried to talk me off the ledge....I am panicked that my band is messed up & I will have to get it removed. That would be 13k down the drain and open up a whole lot of worry about how I can maintain with out some help from the band.

The bottom line is something is wrong. I read what you people eat & I can't even imagine eating most of it....i am too busy being in the fetal position for days at a time b/c I had chicken.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a "Love/Hate" type of relationship

It's been a few weeks since I have posted.

Let me tell you why....if you don't have anything nice to say....don't say anything at all.  Yep, I have been on a rollercoaster of hating my band.  I don't want to scare the newbies but here's the truth.

Don't laugh...I know I wrote a post awhile back about how much I loved my band...the irony huh?

Literally 2 days after that 'sunshine and rainbows' post....wham, my band slammed shut.  Over a french fry mind you.  (I don't remember seeing those on the what to avoid list...did I miss something?)

I was miserable for 2 hours...finally threw up 3 times...then seemed ok.  Only problem is that 3rd throw up seemed different than a PB.  It felt like it came from deep down..............

Woke up the next day in pain.  Just thought band was a bit irritated.  Started drinking my water and shake in the morning and by the time I got to work at 7am I thought I had the flu.  I was in so much pain in my upper abdominal region and my back.  I was shaking and had chills.  Called a sub and went home to sleep for 6 hours.

Well, this nonsense went on for another 2 days.  Each day was a bit better but nerve pain all in my back and I couldn't eat.  So was it the flu or did my band slip?

Went to see the dr. and he was no help.  He didn't really know what to say to me.  I told him to take out fluid so he removed 1.5cc leaving me at 3.5cc. Scheduled me for an upper GI  which will finally be done tomorrow 6/18.

 I wish now I would have had him take everything out of the band because the saga continues.....

After babying the band for a week, I figured I could get used to this new fill level (3.5) and deal with it since I was so close to goal.  I was hungry every two hours but otherwise things were going well. 

At least until this past THURSDAY 6/14.  Since my band was so loose, the food addict in me decided to try pizza....I haven't had pizza in a year.  I normally can't do bread of any sort and can tell on the first bite that it's not going down.  Well, I ate about 1/4 of a small piece of thin crust over about 20 mins.  Everything was great.  I was excited that I did it with out getting stuck.

Friday, 6/15 was not so good.  I was burping like crazy upon waking.  Drank my protein drink in small sips but kept burping.  Went to Zumba...seemed to help .......but after class the burping continued and I started getting back pain.  So Friday was a mess....barely ate anything, tried to deal w/ the non-stop burps and back pain. Woke up in middle of the night to stomach acid shooting into my mouth.  (Was this b/c of the pizza????  Fine when I ate it and for hours after but then the next day when I tried to have a protein drink my band said NO WAY!!!)

Saturday, 6/16 was worse.  (Is this still b/c of the pizza??) I was miserable all day.  Burping like crazy, back pain, upper abdominal pain.  Drinking would upset my tummy too.  I did not have that upper chest pain (under your breast bone) like I get if I am stuck, but I was not doing well.  Heartburn all day.  PB'd twice on water and purred soup.

Here we are now, Father's Day, 6/17.  Doing much better now but only after I PB'd on water this morning.  WTF????  I then took a 2 hour nap...I think my body is soooooooo stressed.  Eventually, I did eat 4 oz of purreed soup, 2/3 of a protein drink, and a few oz of frozen yogurt today.  Right now the back pain seems to be gone and so are the burps.

So---there you have it.  I am freaking out about having the upper GI tomorrow.  If I am having a hard time w/ am I gonna get that liquid cement down???  I am afraid I do have a slipped band and what does that mean???

I will let you know.
p.s. I made goal today......140....but based on the last 2 weeks, it was not worth it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here's what I love about losing weight with my band

1.  crossing my legs!  who knew how much I missed being able to do that comfortably???

2.  wearing running tights or compression capris....and feeling confident in them.

3.  being able to do 10 "boy" push-ups.  My goal is to get to 20 in a row by the end of summer.

4.  feeling my hip bones jut out while lying down

5.  my port is now an "out-ie"....yup, an out-ie!

6.  walking into a staff meeting and having a colleague yell out "Th*mpson, you are half the woman you used to be!"  What could I do but laugh and tell him I will accept "any and all compliments."

7.  how strong and muscular my legs feel

8.  that I can't binge or graze....and really don't want to.

9.  being a good role model to my kiddos....taking the emphasis off of food and promoting activity/exercise into our daily life.

10. feeling in control over what and how much I eat. 

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what do you love about your weight loss and/ or band????

Saturday, June 2, 2012

60 pounds gone!

Finally, finally, finally!  60 lbs.....bye bye! 

I have been bouncing back and forth between the same 2 lbs. for several weeks but it looks like 145 is here to stay and puts me at 60* lbs down since I started this journey.  (*only down 40 since getting the band on June 30, 2011.)

I can't believe I am at goal is another 5,  bringing me to a loss of 65 and the start of maintenance.

Part of me is in a hurry to get rid of those last 5 ...but on the other hand what is going to change when I get to goal???  I'm not really doing anything different now than I will be for maintenance.  I am just following the band rules and working out like a fiend!  Maybe I will skip a workout once a week but I doubt it.  I love working's the mental release as well and stealing a little "me" time.

I never would have thought I would be here a year ago.  I finally understand why all of you veteran bandsters say how much you "love your band."  I do too!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Ten Things Thursday
1.  I ate 5 puffy cheetos....they are amazing.  80 calories worth and loved every bite. 
(Why am I feeling guilty now though???...I logged it.....I have several hundred calories left for dinner and dessert.)  Oh yeah, because I am not at goal.  Stupid me.

2.  Speaking of goal, I have 7 lbs. to go.  I can definitely see  myself getting content where I am BUT it's a goal....I can do it.............. right????  It would put me at a "healthy BMI" and that is MOST important to me

3.  Having a garage sale this weekend.  I really don't want to do it but I have a ton of random things to get rid of and want to earn some money to buy new clothes!

4.  Only a few more weeks of school left.....we are out June 14th.  Yippee! 

5.  I can do 15 boy push-ups in a row which is a huge deal for me!

6.  Bought a few new items of clothing since NOTHING fits me anymore...even the stuff I had altered / taken in.  I was continually surprised when I tried on Medium tops.........and they fit!

7.  One of my absolute fav kiddos in my class last year, swung by my room to say hi yesterday.  After chatting a bit he confessed that he wanted to say hi but really, he just needed to see me.  He'd heard from a million kids how "amazing Mrs. T looks!"  Apparently, word on the street in the high school is how I look....good to know they are discussing my weight huh???

  It was so cute b/c he made sure to say that he "always thought I was beautiful but now I look so fit and strong."  Nice compliment so I will take it.  These kids think of me as their second mom so it's cute that they want me to know how impressed they are with my efforts.

8.  I have had several colleagues tell me this week "I didn't even recognize you"  after running into them in the halls or parking lot.  I know I should take it as a compliment but I look that different?

9.  Gotta update my profile picture....I guess none of you will recognize me either!  LOL

10.  June 30th will be my one-year band-a-versary.  My fill level is good but after the 30th of June, I will have to pay* for office visits or adjustments.  (*not that I didn't already was just a lump sum cash payment for the surgery,  band, office visits, adjustments for the first year.)  Should I go see the band dr. for a check up before the 30th as a last "free" appointment?

have a good weekend !  ct

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ode to "the girls"....yep, boobies....not BOOBS

Le MystereYesterday I went bra shopping.  "My girls" have been neglected as I have lost weight.

At first, I was pretty excited that my cup size did not change as I started to lose.  (Trust me, I do not particularly want to have big boobies, but I also didn't want to have "deflated water balloon boobies" either as I got smaller.)  I was crediting the slow loss, increase of protein and muscle mass, etc.  Pats on the back for me!!!

My band size kept shrinking though!  Yipee. 

Well, now I am losing in the cup area too.  So anyhoozle, I needed to go get some new bras.

I had a NSV in midst of this outing....a frustrating one, but still a NSV.  I had a dilly of a time (no one says "dilly"anymore...why did that just pop in my head?)  trying to find 34DD.  I kept getting annoyed that all the  DD bras were 38 or 40...occasionally a 36 DD.  Can you believe that?  I couldn't find ones small enough!!!!  (How many years have I moaned and groaned because I didn't find anything while out shopping for clothes because I was too big.)  I will take this new "problem" anyday.

I did come home with a couple new bras and my "girls" are feeling supported today!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where oh where have I been???

Hello there.  I am back.

From where you ask?

Who the heck knows!!!  I have been busy---you have too I am sure of it.  Just didn't feel like posting I guess.  Didn't have much to report.  I did keep reading your posts though.

Here's the scoop on the last few weeks:

1.  got an unfill on April 24th...had a couple weeks now to get used to it.  I think I am at perfect restriction.  I literally can eat fruit and veggies again.  Portions are between 1/2 to 1 cup for a meal.  Satiatied for about 3 hours at a time.  Having "head hunger" which is not fun but it's better than no "head hunger" and feeling miserable all of the time from being too tight.

2.  weight has bounced around.  I gained 2 lbs. back right away after getting the unfill.  I think my body just wanted to hold on to EVERY single calorie.  I was right back on track until this weekend....I was somehow involved in a lot of drinking activities over 4 days.   I am good to go today.

3.  I told my dr. when I got the unfill that "I wanted to do more of the work and the band to do less."  That may sound strange but when I was too tight I couldn't workout hard, I hated eating because I knew pain would follow, my stomach was a mess,  I was tired,  etc.  He did understand that and said he regretted getting me too tight in the first place.  Well, I certainly got my request.  I do feel like I have to do the work but am getting a little help from my band.  I have been hitting the gym hard and trying to eat lots of veg and protein.

4.  People at work keep saying that I just get "skinnier and skinnier every time they see me."  I haven't lost in a few weeks but I will take the compliments.

5.  147 lbs.  Just 7 lbs to goal.  One day at a time.

Hope all is well with you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh my goodness...I feel horrible

Ok people...I have made it through 8 weeks being too tight.

I know I have said this before, but I just wanted the band to help me with portion control and satiation. I feel like the last 8 weeks has taught me everything I DON'T WANT WITH THE BAND. I am skipping meals, eating sliders just to get in some calories, drinking calories, passing up fruit and veggies because they are too dense....none of this is what I was planning on when I got my first big fill back on feb. 13th.

I FINALLY get to see the dr. Tomorrow and I am just dying here. I am on day 2 of acid reflux, can 't eat more than a bite...tummy pains not my band...just below my belly button...and I keep burping.

I have only eaten a protein drink, 1/2 protein bar, and 1 bite of turkey chili. What is going on? ( stopped w/ the chili b/ c I was worried it would make the heartburn worse).

I am miserable.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I know I haven't posted in awhile....

Here's the deal....

I haven't posted lately b/c I have been in a yucky place. I feel horrible.

I am pretty sure I am starving. My stomach is a mess. I feel hollow and then crampy when I eat. I know I have been too tight for awhile. I got a super aggressive fill on feb. 13. Went back the next day and had 1 cc removed b/c I was in serious pain. The week that followed was touch and go...still could barely eat but it seemed to be getting better. I just stupidly hung out at this level because I was hoping to drop some pounds. I ccan only eat 1/4 to 1/3 cup of food...which limits my ability to workout. By the end of march I KNEW that I had to see the dr, and get an unfill.

The first appointment they could give me was a day I was out of town camping. The next available appointment is April 24th since the dr. Was on vacation for like 8 days. Now I am a week away but can not take it anymore! I have called in every day looking for a cancellation. I am not at the point that I am going to the ER or panic but I am trying to get in calories any way I can.

This goes against everything I am trying to do....I want to get to the point where I love my band like all of u.

I feel like my husband is annoyed that I chose the and b/c he sees how much I am struggling with being uncomfortable.

I am actually depressed about the situation.

Soooooooo, this is why I haven't posted...I am just whining and a mess.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...thanks LB

1.  I couldn't be any happier on this particularly Thursday....yep, the day before Spring Break.  One more lesson left to teach before having vacation.  (My teens thought we should just blow off today and tomorrow since "it's so close to Spring Break."    Hilarious aren't they??)

2.  I mentally CAN NOT take the idea of having to write another letter of recommendation.  I made it through all the college apps and now it's scholarship apps.  I love my teens but WHY OH WHY do I have a hard time telling them "NO---sorry,  I am overwhelmed with the amount of regular work I am behind on???"  oh yeah, that's right, it's because i care about their future success.  Ugh.

3.  I think I am going to play BINGO will be me and the blue-hairs. 

Not really, meeting a friend  there but still undecided b/c I am behind on grading.  Yuck. Boring!!  Hubby says to go...the grading will get done over vacation.

4.  I am wondering why I don't EVER put any pictures of myself on my blog??  I have always been a bit unhappy with what pictures of me look like, but I have lost 57 bad can a new pix be? 

5.  I tried a new snack this week.  It certainly isn't for everyone but it's the "Snackable" by Oscar Meyer.  It is marketed for toddlers.  Now I know you are thinking "it's crap."  Well not really.  I tried the Turkey, Mozzarella, and baby Ritz crackers.  140 calories.  I thought it was a great mini-meal at work.  The meat is diced into tiny pieces...perfect for my band!  I bought them to try b/c they were on sale $1 for a 2 pack.  At .50 a snack, I couldn't complain.  Cheaper than a protein bar and gave me some variety.  did I mention how CONVENIENT it was???  I couldn't find a picture to post though.

6.  I hit a new low today....148.8 oh yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh....whooops.  Hope I don't jinx with my celebration  because my weigh-in is technically tomorrow.

7.  Went to support group last night......all 2 of us were there!   (We did meet a lady who is considering Lap Band.  She was very nice.)  This is why I need all of you and your blogs!!  I may not be the best "comment giver" but I faithfully read all of your blogs EVERY DAY....even when I am super busy.  It's my down-time once I get home.

8.  I received a boatload of compliments this week at work.  My colleague told me today "whatever workout routine you are doing had better stop because you are going to disappear."  I just laughed at him.   I am not a twig....but I am getting pretty fit!

9.  A group of 20 of my former students (period 3 from last school year) threw me a "surprise party" the other day at lunch.  They showed up with a cake just because they missed me!  (See this is why I get sucked into writing all those letters of rec!!!  Most teens are just awesome!)

10.  Skipped working out today.....I  know it's healthy to take a day of rest every once in awhile but I feel guilty.

Have a good FRIDAY!!  I know I will.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How do you know when you are full?

How does one know when they are full?  I have seen this question asked before but I still am unclear on what to look for.

How is it possible that I can go from eating my tiny bites, chewing a billion times, pausing between bites, to taking ONE MORE BITE and winding up in extreme PAIN????  (Even a H-rsh-y's kiss as dessert could send me to the painful hard stop!!!!)

One more thing.....why oh why do I (we bandsters) have burps from DEEP DOWN inside?  Multiple burps?  Can anyone explain??

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ok people...there are some benefits to being on the tight side of band living

I have been struggling for the last few weeks with the thought that I am a little too tight.

Not "stuck" if I eat anything kind of tight---just super full by eating 1/2 cup of food.  (I have either 5.3or 5.5 cc in my 10 cc band.)  Sometimes I can't even eat my 1.5 oz of lean protein and 2 green beans.  This is what I am talking about.  I thought our goal was to eat 1/2 to 3/4 cup of food at a meal.  Do I have this mixed up??? 

Here's the good news:  I have reached a new low on the scale.....149.4.  Total of 56 lbs. GONE!!  9.4 more to go to maintenance.

Here's the bad news:  I know that some days I am way under my calorie intake goal.  I either need to eat ice cream (not nutritionally sound) or something easy to get down before bed and just hope I don't go into starvation mode.  (Who knew this would be a "problem?")  I know I need to get better nutrition in and not just try and force some calories in.

I have an appointment scheduled for the 24th and tried to call today in hopes someone had cancelled.  Dr. is going on vacation all of next week sooooooo oh well.  At least I am not in pain so I can handle the tightness a bit longer.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


You will not believe how wild my night was last night!  kids for me!

Well....I probably shouldn't tell you what I did with my free time.  I'm not sure you are ready for it.

I was CRAZY with a capital "C."

ok, I will spill the beans.

I went to Go*dwill.  Yep, shopping for pants at Go*dwill.  Now wait a minute....don't judge me....this was not my local Go*dwill.....I drove to another town.   Road trip!  Not quite......wild times in my world here!  

Boring huh!  It was actually good though...I was there for 2 hours and could look to my hearts content.  I got some great finds too!  3 pairs of pants for work.  (1 in size 10 and 2 pairs new with tag, in size 8!  whoo hooo!  NSV I also got a pair of shorts (size 8 but a little snug.) and workout pants (new with tag!) all for 27$.

The rest of the evening was filled with laundry, movie watching, and painting my nails.

Friday, March 23, 2012

10 Things Thursday... a day late.

1.  Busy, busy, week.  Everything is good just no time to relax, eat, or sleep much.

2.  I finally went to the dr. yesterday...the GP not a band dr.  I have this crazy HUGE, swollen and infected blister on my toe.  DISGUSTING huh?!  I kept shoving it into shoes for work and working out --despite the pain-- but was forced to skip both for the last few days.  Flip flops at work...quite the look!

3.  As a result of my ouchy toe, I didn't work out Wed. or Thursday.  I REALLY miss it!  (I know, I am weird but when I don't exercise I feel like I am missing something in my day.)  I am on antibiotics now so hopefully I will be able to work out tomorrow.

4.  Been having some weird tummy issues.  NOT because of the actual tummy.  When I eat, my tummy (under my belly button) hurts.  I keep thinking it's because I haven't eaten much this week....just too busy to eat some days.  (Don't panic, I know I MUST eat my 1200 calories or I won't lose weight but it has been hard to motivate myself to eat.  Who knew I would ever feel this way??????)    I also had one bite too many the other day which ticked off my band so I have been hesitant.

5.  Looking forward to having a "date" with my son tonight!!!  Looks like we will be going to Taco Bell, bike riding, and watching "Adventures of Tin Tin"

6.  both kiddos will be at a sleepover with cousins tomorrow!  FREEDOM.  I love my kids BUT I LOVE free time too.  The only bummer is I have to pick them up at 8 am on Sunday....long story as to why......which means no sleeping in for me!

7.  My hubby said my "hiney was getting so tiny" he doesn't have much to grab.  I took that as a compliment!

8.  Counting the days until Spring Break...not because I am tired of my students....I puffy heart them.  I am just looking forward to going camping over break with several families.

9.  My daughter got the "scholar of the trimester" award today at school.  She was sooooooooooooooooo excited!  I am excited for her...she has seen her brother get it 3 times and thought she wouldn't ever get it!

10.  I will have approximately 16 hours of time to myself this weekend.  Unfortunately, I will have to sleep for 8 of those hours but I am just looking forward to " me time." 

I hope you take some time for yourself this weekend.  Hugs!

Weigh in!

today my scale read 151.8 again!   
Looks like 151ish is here to stay and I really am going to move down to the 140s eventually.

Total loss = 53.2 lbs.

Goal weight = 140

11.2 pounds to go!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ten Things, Bring Your Own, Saturday.

sunshineI am combining.  (In case you didn't notice the crazy name for my post!!) 

Yes, I am giving myself permission to not feel guilty because I am behind in blogging.  I will give you a combo of things that have transpired this week

From BYOC   "    (Draz, I couldn't figure it to get the button or link.  I am so lame at computer stuff!)

1.  How do you feel about college?  If you have kids or siblings - will you encourage or require them to go?  How long did you go and what for? 
I think college is great.....but maybe NOT for everyone.  I went to a two-year and then transferred.  I paid my own way, but knew it was expected of me to attend.  I have quite a lot of years in at college!!!

When did our society get so down on people going to trade schools???  Learning a trade/skill is super and much of the time, jobs in those areas are more profitable than those with a Bachelor's.  I will encourage my kids to go on to some kind of post-high school education...they won't have a choice if they are living at home.  If it's cosmetology school fine.  If they choose a 2 year/ 4 year college...also fine.  But they will go to something to better themselves and mature.  (Traveling in Europe is also on the radar for something I will encourage my kids to do post- high school.)

2.  Pink or purple?  Coke or Pepsi?  Pen or pencil?  Cursive or printing?  Ketchup or mustard?

DIET COKE...which I miss soooooo very much.  It takes me all day to sip one b./c the carbonation is tough on my pouch. 

Printing even though my writing is cursive is worse.
3.  What do you sleep in?

tank top and unders unless it is really cold then cozy jammies on top!  my legs get super hot during the night.  damn hormones!

From Ten Thing Thursday (brought to us from the Lilac-scented? Laura) where we get to post by number!

4.  I have been bouncing back and forth between the same 2 lbs. this week.  I did see a new low of 151.6 on Tuesday and was pretty hasn't been back though.

5.  Both of my kids got "perfect attendance" awards for the trimester at school.  I LOVE that they get soooooo excited about it.  (My youngest is getting the scholar award this friday but it's a surprise!!  shhhhhh.  she will be insanely happy!)

6.  I am officially caught up with everything at work.  Lessons are prepped and photocopied for the next few weeks.  ALL papers are graded and input in the computer.  Just need to do some filing and I am good to go!!!!!  What a nice feeling.

7.  I tried some running this week....kind of my own version of C25K.  Some days it feels great, other days it is torture.  I don't really want to be a "runner" I just like the way the "calories burned" total looks after!

8.  I think I am actually in what you all call the "green zone."  I can only eat about 1/2 cup of food as a meal (protein and veg combined) but I feel full and don't get hungry again for a couple of hours.  I just want the pounds to keep coming off!

9.  I tried pizza for the first time last night.  I ate half a slice of cheese pizza VERY SLOWLY and did ok.  (I think this might have been an bad idea b/c I haven't really had bread or pizza dough in 6 months and that was a good thing.)

10.  I have 12.5 more pounds to lose to meet my goal.  I am shooting to lose it in 12 weeks.  Cross your fingers for me.

Have a good weekend!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Love Affair With Food Is least for now.

Yep.  The title says it all. 

 I am an emotional eater...or at least I was.  I am a "recovering food addict."  That label fits better. 

I would be soothed by putting food in my mouth.  I have a LONG history of this behavior.

I remember as a kid getting a bag of Skittles to mix in Vanilla ice cream and the binge would begin.   Or the time my sister and I ate an entire large bag of Doritos while looking for the "cheesiest chip." 

Stressed?  Eat something.

Bored?  Eat something.

Sad & depressed?  Eat something.

Over the last 16 months I have tried to break this cycle.  I have been quite sucessful....surprising myself daily.

Since getting the band 8 months ago, I haven't been able to binge.  Even if I wanted band wouldn't really let me be a total glutton.

Now that I am in the "green zone,"  I notice that eating isn't nearly as fun, enjoyable, and relaxing as it used to be.  It's just more work to eat and I can't eat the large quantities that used to make me feel temporarily good....of course followed by self-loathing and guilt.

The point is that my band does not make the food choices for me, but it does keep what ever I have chosen in check....I physically CAN NOT binge.  (Happily, I haven't binged on ice cream or sliders...because we all know we can get those down easy enough!)  I have wanted to binge a few times though.

Hopefully, I will continue to deal with my emotions in healthy ways and NEVER go back to food as my crutch. 

Food is my addiction and something I have to deal with every day...some days are easier than others though.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Make a list Monday

Thanks to Robyn For making my Monday a little bit easier.

1. Law & Order (yep, 20 years of it). All variations of the show.
2. Survivor (neighbors get together weekly for dinner.. 12 years running.)
3. Amazing Race
4. Real Housewives of Orange County..embarrassing huh? RHOA, RHOBH, RHONJ, RHONY..I AM HOOKED ON THEM ALL....embarrassing.
5. Suits
6. Breakout Kings
7. The Firm
8. Modern favorite show!
9. Parenthood
10. What Not To Wear

I like tv.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Ol Draz comes through again...BYOC

Thanks to Drazil for giving us these interesting, get-to-know-you-better questions.  My tiny brain is tired come friday and I need all the help I can get!

1.  Since I talked about psychics this week - I'm curious....if you could see one for free and you could only ask one question - what would it be?

I'm not sure....I am trying to decide IF I would want to know something that might come true...good or bad.

2.  What's your favorite ice cream flavor and topping?

Chocolate Peanut Butter from 31 flavors.........or Cookie Dough.......or Butter Pecan...........or anything with caramel swirled in........actually, "bug" ice cream would probably be good.  I LOVE ice cream.  I don't think there is actually a flavor I don't like.  It's a sickness people.

3.  What's your preferred method of working out?  DVDs, an external gym, gym inside your home, classes?

Classes at the gym.  I don't push myself as hard as I should.  I need the teacher telling me to do "8 more, 8 more, 8 more.." (until I want to punch her)-------- in order to really get me working!

4.  If you work outside the home or if you ever did or will in the future - do you think it's better/easier to work with men or woman?  Who do you work mostly with now?

I work with both at a high school.  I really don't have any problems with anyone.  I have great ladies that I hang with but plenty of men I love to sit around and talk with.  (The guys like to talk about different topics than the gals so it's interesting.)  
Now if we are talking about my "customer"...i.e. students' parents....I always call mom when it's a compliment on the student and call dad at work, when there is a problem.

5.  Repeat question.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.  
Real life:
*spring has sprung = hormonal teens at work  plus grades are due!!  busy busy!
*I have been burping like crazy!  Is this normal??
*Backyard project is moving right along...we hired a crew to come in w/ equipment and cut the main layout for the yard. (Will post pix this weekend) 
*weight has stayed the same for the last few days.  My new favorite goodwill jeans I bought a month ago were FALLING off me though today.  I took them off without unbuttoning or unzipping-- that means something is happening.
blogland:   trying to get back on track w/ my posts.  Kind of bummed about all of the BOOBS talk.  It sounds like so much fun!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

dress up day

Since I have been M.I.A. just wanted to show you what else I have been doing in my spare time.

Dress-up day at the kids' school.  "Dress as a popular or favorite holiday." 

My oldest wanted something "no one else would pick."  He went as April Fool's Day.  My daughter wanted to be the Easter Bunny.  Her costume was super easy...only had to adorn the shirt and make a tail.  His was a little more least for me!  I did make the costumes on a $0 dollar budget--using just what we had at home.

I was happy with the results and most importantly, so were they!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Someone, tell me it will get better.

spring has sprung.  i can tell because the sophomores are crazy and the juniors are lazy.

i have had it up to here....(imagine my hand way above my head)......with teenagers today.

do they lose their minds in spring?

do the hormones really make them annoying.....or have they just been saving up all of their drama for March? (even tho it's 2/28)

just a little rant.

just one teacher......dealing with 204 teenagers diagnosed with "spring fever."


I acheived another milestone.....50 pounds!!!

After getting a fill on the 13th....being too tight for one week due to fill and PMS --all the same week, and really starting to see what it is like to have restriction, I made it to 50!

I think I am going for a loss of 15 more pounds...will bring me to 140.  I will work on a few more pounds... I want to try maintaining below 140 but will see what my body wants to do.

I am a slow loser, and I am ok with that, so I may not get to the 60 lb. mark until June but that's ok.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How I have spent my Saturdays

Hello all!  I have not fallen off the wagon, traveled around the world, or won a million dollars.  I haven't been able to get to the computer much the last 2 weeks but only because life has gotten in the way!!!

 Here's one of the things that has kept me busy:
 Here's another part....
 That's me being busy and getting a great workout for 5 hours.
Yup, I even got the kids to think it was a game!!!

With all of this going on, I have been too exhausted to blog.

Hope things are going well with you!  I am going to try and catch up on my reading to see what you have been up to.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Non Scale Victory!

Swung by Goodwill today hoping to score a pair of jeans and jean shorts.  Maybe grab a top or two too!  I am still wearing size 12 but some of them are getting loose.  I don't have many tops that fit right now, but since I am 20 lbs. away from goal, I keep putting off buying things.  So this trip was necessary!

I ended up with 3 pairs of shorts (black & 2 denim), one sweater for work, and 2 pairs of jeans.  Grand total of  $31!!!

Here's the good NSV part.....out of the items I bought 1 pair of jeans........SIZE 10!  1 pair of shorts......SIZE 10!  (the shorts are pretty tight but in a few weeks they should be good to go!)

I haven't worn a size 10 since 1998.  Yipee!