Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh my goodness...I feel horrible

Ok people...I have made it through 8 weeks being too tight.

I know I have said this before, but I just wanted the band to help me with portion control and satiation. I feel like the last 8 weeks has taught me everything I DON'T WANT WITH THE BAND. I am skipping meals, eating sliders just to get in some calories, drinking calories, passing up fruit and veggies because they are too dense....none of this is what I was planning on when I got my first big fill back on feb. 13th.

I FINALLY get to see the dr. Tomorrow and I am just dying here. I am on day 2 of acid reflux, can 't eat more than a bite...tummy pains not my band...just below my belly button...and I keep burping.

I have only eaten a protein drink, 1/2 protein bar, and 1 bite of turkey chili. What is going on? ( stopped w/ the chili b/ c I was worried it would make the heartburn worse).

I am miserable.


  1. Why did you wait 8 weeks to call doctor? Reflux is not normal and can lead to esophageal cancer and other things over time. Nothing to play around with. Please let us know how you make out tomorrow.

  2. Yikes! Yeah for un-fills! Too tight bands lead to poor food choices, and pain. Not extra weight loss... which I'm sure you already know. Get yourself some taken out and you will feel a million times better. For heavens sake don't wait so long next time. It is no fun to be miserable.

  3. I am SO SORRY!!! I hope things improve after your visit... agree with Miss Lorie!

  4. How on earth have you made it this long? I've done this several times and have never been able to take it more than 1-2 days. I know how horrible you must feel! I hope you feel better soon!! Keep us posted!