Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 Things Thursday

Happy Thursday!

Wow!  What a crazy week.  I didn't intend for THURSDAY to be the only day I post something but.......

1.  Being back at work has shown me that stress is one of my food triggers.  All I want to do these days is munch.  I find myself trying to replace my food obsession with other things.  Diet coke ...I buy a huge one at Circle K a couple times a week to drink at work. Dove Promises...damn those tasty little treats.  On-line shopping.....I browse (not while at work!) an awful lot but usually don't actually place the order. 

Why can't I become obsessed with cleaning?  Or gardening?

2.  I am really struggling with my weight...trying to keep it from creeping up.  I definitely need more fluid in my band if I want to lose that last 5-10 lbs but I just got a fill.  Maybe getting the band up to 2.75 cc will help.

3.  I planted some lovely plants in our front yard this the 100 degree heat.  It's kind of funny how happy those little plants make me when I walk by them.  I have NEVER been interested in the yard before but who knows where this will lead.

4.  I still hate dislike running, BUT one minute sprints are still in my workout. Unfortunately, they have not become more enjoyable.

5.  Everyone talks about running a half-marathon or doing a sprint triathalon.......Why can't I find a Zumba-thon?  Like a 5 hour deal?  (I actually looked on-line for one!  I found a 2 hour class but it's an hour away from where I live.)

6.  My new "go-to" dinner idea is the Kraft "Fresh Takes" for chicken or pork.  If you haven't tried these, you should.  I bought some with coupons and got them for $0.75 each.  My family loves them and they only add 100 calories to my chicken.  For me it's totally worth it to have a break from another grilled chicken breast.

7.  I ordered two new shirts for Zumba...I am sprucing up my workout wear!  Unfortunately, I ordered Large and they are SKIN TIGHT.  Nice for the ol' ego huh??  Hopefully, I can exchange them for larger sizes.

8.  I am currently obsessed with flavoring my greek yogurt.  Add some SF instant pudding mix, a little skim milk, 2 squirts SF Torani or some splenda and I am good to go!! 

My fav combinations lately are Pistachio pudding w/ toasted pistachios on top, Butterscotch pudding with  SF caramel Torani and cut up banana--maybe a few walnuts too, Lemon pudding with blueberries or strawberries, or Cheesecake pudding with fruit or a few chocolate chips.  Yum--o

9.  I think I might have gotten the "full" signal at dinner tonight. (it's also TOM so that could be it but I am hoping it's just my band doing it's job.)   I know that sounds strange since I have been banded for 15 months BUT my experience with the band has been soooooooooo hit or miss.  No restriction or too much restriction.  I have NEVER been in the green zone. 

10.  Looking forward to spending some time with the family this weekend.  I am sure you are too!!!
Big Hugs!!!

Weigh in Wednesday

Struggling like crazy.  Really want to get another fill.

Highest weight: 205
Pre surgery weight: 180
Goal weight :140-142
Current weight:  145.2