Monday, May 30, 2011

To Band Or Not To Band....That Is The Question

It's actually a valid question.  One I have asked myself over and over for approximately a year.

Here's the deal:  I have thought about WLS for some time but kind of thought it was cheating.  (I know!  What the heck was I thinking!!!  I will comment on that crazy notion in another post.)  My cousin had Lap Band surgery about a year ago and has done an amazing job in her weight loss journey.  Seeing her success, knowing she has many of the same food issues that I have, being that she too has been a yo-yo dieter for 20+ years--well it's inspiring.  She has been a wealth of information too.

I told myself 6 months ago that if I was going to really consider doing WLS, I would have to try and "walk the walk" of a bandster PLUS deal with my food issues BEFORE I could really consider having this surgery.  (I know that chewing like a crazy person, trying to eat mindfully, taking small bites, eating more protein, journaling, etc. is NOT the same without a band but..that is what I have been doing.)  I lurk on your blogs, I read EVERYTHING I can find on the topic, and I have made some serious changes --particularly dealing with emotional eating.

My answer is yes.  Yes, I am getting banded, yes, I am taking charge of my life, and yes, I will live a thinner, healthier life. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holy Sh*t I have a blog...what am I thinking?!?

You too can have a blog....apparently any ol' person who can type can have one!!  who would have thought it could be so easy?

Step One:  Have your very tech savvy friend come over for a BBQ

Step Two:  Have above friend use her mad skills to teach you how to set up a blog (you should visit her...if you like cookies....and witty writing.. and all things cute!  lizy b )

Step Three:  I have a blog! 

Now the bigger question is do I have anything to say?