Wednesday, February 29, 2012

dress up day

Since I have been M.I.A. just wanted to show you what else I have been doing in my spare time.

Dress-up day at the kids' school.  "Dress as a popular or favorite holiday." 

My oldest wanted something "no one else would pick."  He went as April Fool's Day.  My daughter wanted to be the Easter Bunny.  Her costume was super easy...only had to adorn the shirt and make a tail.  His was a little more least for me!  I did make the costumes on a $0 dollar budget--using just what we had at home.

I was happy with the results and most importantly, so were they!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Someone, tell me it will get better.

spring has sprung.  i can tell because the sophomores are crazy and the juniors are lazy.

i have had it up to here....(imagine my hand way above my head)......with teenagers today.

do they lose their minds in spring?

do the hormones really make them annoying.....or have they just been saving up all of their drama for March? (even tho it's 2/28)

just a little rant.

just one teacher......dealing with 204 teenagers diagnosed with "spring fever."


I acheived another milestone.....50 pounds!!!

After getting a fill on the 13th....being too tight for one week due to fill and PMS --all the same week, and really starting to see what it is like to have restriction, I made it to 50!

I think I am going for a loss of 15 more pounds...will bring me to 140.  I will work on a few more pounds... I want to try maintaining below 140 but will see what my body wants to do.

I am a slow loser, and I am ok with that, so I may not get to the 60 lb. mark until June but that's ok.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How I have spent my Saturdays

Hello all!  I have not fallen off the wagon, traveled around the world, or won a million dollars.  I haven't been able to get to the computer much the last 2 weeks but only because life has gotten in the way!!!

 Here's one of the things that has kept me busy:
 Here's another part....
 That's me being busy and getting a great workout for 5 hours.
Yup, I even got the kids to think it was a game!!!

With all of this going on, I have been too exhausted to blog.

Hope things are going well with you!  I am going to try and catch up on my reading to see what you have been up to.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Non Scale Victory!

Swung by Goodwill today hoping to score a pair of jeans and jean shorts.  Maybe grab a top or two too!  I am still wearing size 12 but some of them are getting loose.  I don't have many tops that fit right now, but since I am 20 lbs. away from goal, I keep putting off buying things.  So this trip was necessary!

I ended up with 3 pairs of shorts (black & 2 denim), one sweater for work, and 2 pairs of jeans.  Grand total of  $31!!!

Here's the good NSV part.....out of the items I bought 1 pair of jeans........SIZE 10!  1 pair of shorts......SIZE 10!  (the shorts are pretty tight but in a few weeks they should be good to go!)

I haven't worn a size 10 since 1998.  Yipee!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Heart Broke a Little Bit

Last night my son came to me needing to talk.

He told me he was worried he was getting fat. 8 he is concerned.

My heart broke a tiny bit ....

We talked for awhile and I think I said all the right things....  He told me he felt "so much better now that we talked."

Here's what bothers me though:  we don't use the word FAT in our house, he doesn't know I have the band, in his lifetime I have never been on a "diet,"  we only talk about Mommy going to exercise because it "makes me feel good and strong" plus it's fun... "like recess."  Where did he get this idea?  And why is an 8 year old even aware of the idea that being fat isn't ok (by some in our society) since that was his worry ???  He is NOT fat.  He's not even chubby.  He is just normal sized.

I asked him if someone said he was fat.  He said no but he doesn't seem to be able to articulate why he is worried. 

It kills me that all of the effort, my therapy sessions, role modeling healthy habits, etc.  I have tried to instill in my kids in order to AVOID "eating issues" for them, was for naught. 

24 hours after our talk and I am still a little sad about the whole thing.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Worked in my daughters kinder class today....holy cow.  I am tired!  I thought teenagers had a lot of energy....well 5 year olds take the cake.

2.  Hosting "Book Talk" tomorrow night.  Need to do a million things tonight to finish getting ready.  Just how clean does one's house have to be?  My plan is just to clean up the downstairs....they won't see anything else!!!!  (I wish I was addicted to cleaning instead of eating!)

3.  Weight loss is not happening right now.  Still bouncing back and forth between the same 3 lbs--just like last week.

4.  Work has been crazy this week.  Tons of schedule changes with the start of the semester.  I now have 196 kids....38-40 in each class period.  WAY TOO MANY KIDS at one time. it!

5.  Went to support group last night....only two of us plus the nurse.  Each month I have gone the largest it has been is 4 plus the nurse.  We talked to her about maybe taking a survey on day/time/ etc. to find out WHY NO ONE COMES!  Not very supportive with out all the peeps there.

6.  Haven't been able to exercise as much as usual this week.  (That could be why I am extra annoyed....I didn't take my increased class sizes and 2 Home Hospital students very well.)  Lots going on....obgyn appt., participated in a "focus group,"  playdates, working in the kids classrooms, Tap, Support Group...all interrupted my normal workout schedule.

7.  Want to go hit Goodwill this weekend if I can...need to get some clothes for rock bottom prices!

8. A colleague at work sought me out because "she had heard how skinny I was and wanted to know what I was doing."  Well, I am not skinny by any means but I did like that the rumor mill was talking about my weight loss.  She was surprised to hear that I have been working on my "food addiction" for 14 months and have lost 45 lbs. as a result.  No magic pill.                            And no......I didn't tell her that I have gotten a little help from my band.  I work at a high school....NO ONE can know because then all 3000 teens will know.  Don't you remember gossip back in high school??? It' just as bad with the adults.

9.  I am looking in to trying a 5k.  My would be half-marathon partners have all flaked.  Actually the race was like $100 so I'd rather skip it too.

10.  Watching the VERY LAST episode of "Lost" today.  (I's been off the air for a year but I never watched it when it was on.  I have watched every episode of the six seasons over the last couple of months.  I am hooked!!!)  I saw 60 mins. of it while on the treadmill but now I have to wait until the kids are in bed to see the last 30 mins. or so.  I can't wait to see how the whole show ties together.

Have a great weekend!ten