Wednesday, February 29, 2012

dress up day

Since I have been M.I.A. just wanted to show you what else I have been doing in my spare time.

Dress-up day at the kids' school.  "Dress as a popular or favorite holiday." 

My oldest wanted something "no one else would pick."  He went as April Fool's Day.  My daughter wanted to be the Easter Bunny.  Her costume was super easy...only had to adorn the shirt and make a tail.  His was a little more least for me!  I did make the costumes on a $0 dollar budget--using just what we had at home.

I was happy with the results and most importantly, so were they!


  1. That's brilliant! Easter bunny is super cute, but your April Fool's man is to die for! Great job!

  2. What great costumes for $0. Very impressive!