Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Ol Draz comes through again...BYOC

Thanks to Drazil for giving us these interesting, get-to-know-you-better questions.  My tiny brain is tired come friday and I need all the help I can get!

1.  Since I talked about psychics this week - I'm curious....if you could see one for free and you could only ask one question - what would it be?

I'm not sure....I am trying to decide IF I would want to know something that might come true...good or bad.

2.  What's your favorite ice cream flavor and topping?

Chocolate Peanut Butter from 31 flavors.........or Cookie Dough.......or Butter Pecan...........or anything with caramel swirled in........actually, "bug" ice cream would probably be good.  I LOVE ice cream.  I don't think there is actually a flavor I don't like.  It's a sickness people.

3.  What's your preferred method of working out?  DVDs, an external gym, gym inside your home, classes?

Classes at the gym.  I don't push myself as hard as I should.  I need the teacher telling me to do "8 more, 8 more, 8 more.." (until I want to punch her)-------- in order to really get me working!

4.  If you work outside the home or if you ever did or will in the future - do you think it's better/easier to work with men or woman?  Who do you work mostly with now?

I work with both at a high school.  I really don't have any problems with anyone.  I have great ladies that I hang with but plenty of men I love to sit around and talk with.  (The guys like to talk about different topics than the gals so it's interesting.)  
Now if we are talking about my "customer"...i.e. students' parents....I always call mom when it's a compliment on the student and call dad at work, when there is a problem.

5.  Repeat question.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.  
Real life:
*spring has sprung = hormonal teens at work  plus grades are due!!  busy busy!
*I have been burping like crazy!  Is this normal??
*Backyard project is moving right along...we hired a crew to come in w/ equipment and cut the main layout for the yard. (Will post pix this weekend) 
*weight has stayed the same for the last few days.  My new favorite goodwill jeans I bought a month ago were FALLING off me though today.  I took them off without unbuttoning or unzipping-- that means something is happening.
blogland:   trying to get back on track w/ my posts.  Kind of bummed about all of the BOOBS talk.  It sounds like so much fun!


  1. Jeans falling off are sooo fun! Wish you could come to BOOBs.

  2. The burping is totally normal, sadly. I dunno if the farting has started, but that's normal, too. :(

  3. I don't have your email, but wanted to say THANK YOU for suggesting the pay per work out thing on my blog!!!! GENIUS!!!! That's what you are!!!
    I think i'm going to do $2 for work outs completed after 8am and $4 for before 8am!

    Such a smarty pants!!! Thanks again!!!