Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ten Things, Bring Your Own, Saturday.

sunshineI am combining.  (In case you didn't notice the crazy name for my post!!) 

Yes, I am giving myself permission to not feel guilty because I am behind in blogging.  I will give you a combo of things that have transpired this week

From BYOC   "    (Draz, I couldn't figure it to get the button or link.  I am so lame at computer stuff!)

1.  How do you feel about college?  If you have kids or siblings - will you encourage or require them to go?  How long did you go and what for? 
I think college is great.....but maybe NOT for everyone.  I went to a two-year and then transferred.  I paid my own way, but knew it was expected of me to attend.  I have quite a lot of years in at college!!!

When did our society get so down on people going to trade schools???  Learning a trade/skill is super and much of the time, jobs in those areas are more profitable than those with a Bachelor's.  I will encourage my kids to go on to some kind of post-high school education...they won't have a choice if they are living at home.  If it's cosmetology school fine.  If they choose a 2 year/ 4 year college...also fine.  But they will go to something to better themselves and mature.  (Traveling in Europe is also on the radar for something I will encourage my kids to do post- high school.)

2.  Pink or purple?  Coke or Pepsi?  Pen or pencil?  Cursive or printing?  Ketchup or mustard?

DIET COKE...which I miss soooooo very much.  It takes me all day to sip one b./c the carbonation is tough on my pouch. 

Printing even though my writing is cursive is worse.
3.  What do you sleep in?

tank top and unders unless it is really cold then cozy jammies on top!  my legs get super hot during the night.  damn hormones!

From Ten Thing Thursday (brought to us from the Lilac-scented? Laura) where we get to post by number!

4.  I have been bouncing back and forth between the same 2 lbs. this week.  I did see a new low of 151.6 on Tuesday and was pretty hasn't been back though.

5.  Both of my kids got "perfect attendance" awards for the trimester at school.  I LOVE that they get soooooo excited about it.  (My youngest is getting the scholar award this friday but it's a surprise!!  shhhhhh.  she will be insanely happy!)

6.  I am officially caught up with everything at work.  Lessons are prepped and photocopied for the next few weeks.  ALL papers are graded and input in the computer.  Just need to do some filing and I am good to go!!!!!  What a nice feeling.

7.  I tried some running this week....kind of my own version of C25K.  Some days it feels great, other days it is torture.  I don't really want to be a "runner" I just like the way the "calories burned" total looks after!

8.  I think I am actually in what you all call the "green zone."  I can only eat about 1/2 cup of food as a meal (protein and veg combined) but I feel full and don't get hungry again for a couple of hours.  I just want the pounds to keep coming off!

9.  I tried pizza for the first time last night.  I ate half a slice of cheese pizza VERY SLOWLY and did ok.  (I think this might have been an bad idea b/c I haven't really had bread or pizza dough in 6 months and that was a good thing.)

10.  I have 12.5 more pounds to lose to meet my goal.  I am shooting to lose it in 12 weeks.  Cross your fingers for me.

Have a good weekend!!!!


  1. Crossing my fingers for 12.5 lbs in 12 weeks! :) And I know... lilac-scented? LOL

  2. (Err, that is to say, I was as confused about that as you.)

  3. WOW lady!! Great progress for you at the scales-- you're a hit.
    You can TOTALLY rock a pound a week... and C2K is great. Just take it low and slow. That is ALWAYS my big mistake when I pick up running. You have a lifetime to learn to run, and it takes a lot longer if you injure yourself if you overtrain at the beginning.