Sunday, March 25, 2012


You will not believe how wild my night was last night!  kids for me!

Well....I probably shouldn't tell you what I did with my free time.  I'm not sure you are ready for it.

I was CRAZY with a capital "C."

ok, I will spill the beans.

I went to Go*dwill.  Yep, shopping for pants at Go*dwill.  Now wait a minute....don't judge me....this was not my local Go*dwill.....I drove to another town.   Road trip!  Not quite......wild times in my world here!  

Boring huh!  It was actually good though...I was there for 2 hours and could look to my hearts content.  I got some great finds too!  3 pairs of pants for work.  (1 in size 10 and 2 pairs new with tag, in size 8!  whoo hooo!  NSV I also got a pair of shorts (size 8 but a little snug.) and workout pants (new with tag!) all for 27$.

The rest of the evening was filled with laundry, movie watching, and painting my nails.

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