Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy One YEAR Band-a-versary to ME!

June 30th.....2011........ that was my surgery date.

The day of surgery...weighing 180.... after losing 25 lbs fighting my food addiction and doing the pre-op diet.

I was soooooo nervous.  I wasn't worried about anesthesia, or recovery.  I was worried about whether I could do "it."  You know....lose weight with the band or would I fail again??  Would my husband resent me every month as we made my surgery payment if I wasn't successful???

I didn't fail.....and I won't ever.

I have definitely had my ups and downs this year with my band.  (No restriction for months followed by too much restriction.....lots of PB's and the learning curve of how to eat properly with a band.)

Weight loss has not been easy. 

Weight loss has not been quick.

But I am doing it!!!

June 2012 at 143...loss of 63 lbs. far!
I know the band is helping....I have never lost this much weight EVER and been this close to maintenance.  I have never eaten small portions with out a boat load of resentment for what I "can't have or the amount that I want."  The band has shown me ---mostly through negative consequences----what I can eat and how much of food I can have.  I know that exercise pays off. 

I will lose those last few pounds and I will maintain.  You will all be there to help me.......I know you will..........and because of that, I will not fail.


  1. Darn right you won't! You're doing so well, lady - be proud of yourself! And happy band-a-versary. :)

  2. Oh my look so happy and the spark is back in your eyes! LOVE IT!

  3. Happy bandiversary!!! I think you have done a great job and look fantastic!!

  4. Happy Bandiversary! And congrats on your success!!

  5. Happy bandiversary.

    Too right we will all be here to support you, just like you will be here supporting us.

  6. Congrats lady! of course you aren't going to fail!

  7. Happy Bandiversary! You have done GREAT and I'm sure you will be in maintenance before you know it! :)

  8. You look so fantastic!! Happy bandiversary, and congratulations on all of your success! :)

  9. Happy belated bandiversary. You look terrific and I am uber proud of you and all you have accomplished.

  10. You look splended!!!! Oh my, what a great acheivement, 63lbs! Way to go!!!

    Keep up the good work on your healthy lifestyle!