Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here's what I love about losing weight with my band

1.  crossing my legs!  who knew how much I missed being able to do that comfortably???

2.  wearing running tights or compression capris....and feeling confident in them.

3.  being able to do 10 "boy" push-ups.  My goal is to get to 20 in a row by the end of summer.

4.  feeling my hip bones jut out while lying down

5.  my port is now an "out-ie"....yup, an out-ie!

6.  walking into a staff meeting and having a colleague yell out "Th*mpson, you are half the woman you used to be!"  What could I do but laugh and tell him I will accept "any and all compliments."

7.  how strong and muscular my legs feel

8.  that I can't binge or graze....and really don't want to.

9.  being a good role model to my kiddos....taking the emphasis off of food and promoting activity/exercise into our daily life.

10. feeling in control over what and how much I eat. 

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what do you love about your weight loss and/ or band????


  1. That when I go out with friends, I always eat the least and I am stuffed after. No more of this picking at food and pretending I didn't really want a side order of ... or an appetiser ... or dessert. I love that other people feel like pigs when they eat with me now.

  2. What a fantastic list. What I love most about my band is the inability to overeat anymore. I love that even if something is delicious and before I would have eaten every single bite, now I cannot. It is my favorite thing about my band: portion control.

  3. Found you by accident. I'm having my lap band surgery in 13 days on June 27th :) Take care, Amy

    1. I wish you all the best with your surgery. I will be celebrating my one year bandiversary just after u get banded...June 30