Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a "Love/Hate" type of relationship

It's been a few weeks since I have posted.

Let me tell you why....if you don't have anything nice to say....don't say anything at all.  Yep, I have been on a rollercoaster of hating my band.  I don't want to scare the newbies but here's the truth.

Don't laugh...I know I wrote a post awhile back about how much I loved my band...the irony huh?

Literally 2 days after that 'sunshine and rainbows' post....wham, my band slammed shut.  Over a french fry mind you.  (I don't remember seeing those on the what to avoid list...did I miss something?)

I was miserable for 2 hours...finally threw up 3 times...then seemed ok.  Only problem is that 3rd throw up seemed different than a PB.  It felt like it came from deep down..............

Woke up the next day in pain.  Just thought band was a bit irritated.  Started drinking my water and shake in the morning and by the time I got to work at 7am I thought I had the flu.  I was in so much pain in my upper abdominal region and my back.  I was shaking and had chills.  Called a sub and went home to sleep for 6 hours.

Well, this nonsense went on for another 2 days.  Each day was a bit better but nerve pain all in my back and I couldn't eat.  So was it the flu or did my band slip?

Went to see the dr. and he was no help.  He didn't really know what to say to me.  I told him to take out fluid so he removed 1.5cc leaving me at 3.5cc. Scheduled me for an upper GI  which will finally be done tomorrow 6/18.

 I wish now I would have had him take everything out of the band because the saga continues.....

After babying the band for a week, I figured I could get used to this new fill level (3.5) and deal with it since I was so close to goal.  I was hungry every two hours but otherwise things were going well. 

At least until this past THURSDAY 6/14.  Since my band was so loose, the food addict in me decided to try pizza....I haven't had pizza in a year.  I normally can't do bread of any sort and can tell on the first bite that it's not going down.  Well, I ate about 1/4 of a small piece of thin crust over about 20 mins.  Everything was great.  I was excited that I did it with out getting stuck.

Friday, 6/15 was not so good.  I was burping like crazy upon waking.  Drank my protein drink in small sips but kept burping.  Went to Zumba...seemed to help .......but after class the burping continued and I started getting back pain.  So Friday was a mess....barely ate anything, tried to deal w/ the non-stop burps and back pain. Woke up in middle of the night to stomach acid shooting into my mouth.  (Was this b/c of the pizza????  Fine when I ate it and for hours after but then the next day when I tried to have a protein drink my band said NO WAY!!!)

Saturday, 6/16 was worse.  (Is this still b/c of the pizza??) I was miserable all day.  Burping like crazy, back pain, upper abdominal pain.  Drinking would upset my tummy too.  I did not have that upper chest pain (under your breast bone) like I get if I am stuck, but I was not doing well.  Heartburn all day.  PB'd twice on water and purred soup.

Here we are now, Father's Day, 6/17.  Doing much better now but only after I PB'd on water this morning.  WTF????  I then took a 2 hour nap...I think my body is soooooooo stressed.  Eventually, I did eat 4 oz of purreed soup, 2/3 of a protein drink, and a few oz of frozen yogurt today.  Right now the back pain seems to be gone and so are the burps.

So---there you have it.  I am freaking out about having the upper GI tomorrow.  If I am having a hard time w/ am I gonna get that liquid cement down???  I am afraid I do have a slipped band and what does that mean???

I will let you know.
p.s. I made goal today......140....but based on the last 2 weeks, it was not worth it.


  1. Scary.....hope this is the end of it.
    Keep us informed!


  2. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow....hope it all goes you!

  3. Okay I just saw the label on your post and now I can't stop laughing....

  4. I am having an upper GI tomorrow too. My band is batty and fickle, and I am sick and tired of it. Not consistent at all... One day I can swallow a pineapple without chewing and the next day I can not get a whole greek yogurt down... It is Crazy!

  5. Wow! I'm sorry you have been struggling so much. Don't forget I'm here for you if you need me. I hope you haven't been feeling alone. I know it's hard to reach out sometimes when you feel down. I'm sorry I haven't checked in with you. I love you!

  6. Hey! I'm sorry you are having such a hard go of it! Please keep us updated! I hope it all works out!

  7. French fries and all fried foods are on my DO NOT CONSUME LIST from my surgeon and dietitian!!! And was it dime sized??? Hang in there.

  8. Oh you poor thing. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Try an ice pack on your stomach and drinking coffee or hot water with lemon. I can't drink anything but hot drinks first thing in the morning.