Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten Things THURSDAY!!!

Thanks again to the lovely and hilarious Laura Belle for our TTT.

1.  WHY CAN'T I FIGURE OUT HOW TO LINK LAURA BELLE's blog to mine when I try and thank her?????  This boggles the shit out of my pea brain!

2.  update on my tummy issues: had the upper GI last week.  Here's how it went:

*radiologist said "do you have a special kind of lap-band?"  (oh shit!!  this can't be a good start to the x ray)

my response was NO.... but why?   he said "it looks like you have an extra small stoma."  I told him that my band was COMPLETELY empty and didn't know what else to say about what is considered a normal sized stoma or not!  

Ultimately, he did some measurements, said he didn't see a band slip, and everything with the band looks good.  Esophagus looked good.   (His report arrived a few days later and confirmed that.  Follow-up call and letter by my GP said the same --now on to a gallbladder ultrasound. Going to send reports to band dr. too)

3.  I bought my first pair of size 6 shorts last weekend.  They do have a little stretch in the denim BUT I will take it.  By the way, I think my butt looks good in them!!!  That's some good self-talk for a change!  Did I mention.........size 6?????  I was a size 6 once...for about a week.....back in the 90s when I was taking the miracle diet drug was such a good week.  ha ha!

4.  You may not have caught in item #2 but I am completely unfilled.  This is a scary place for a food addict.  I have made a few bad choices (i.e. a slice of pizza, some orzo pasta, a sandwich from Sub*ay....not that these foods should be totally off limits BUT for the last 7-8 months I COULD NOT eat them b/c my band wouldn't allow me too)  but limited the quantity.   I am trying to follow the "band rules" even though I know I physically don't have any limitations.  Man this is hard.

5.  Being off work for the summer means I can work out every day!  Yeah for toning!

6.  I hit my goal weight of 140 two weeks ago after not eating for a few days because of the the stomach and back pain.  It didn't last....I knew it wouldn't.

7.   I weighed in at 143.5 today so I still have 3.5 to lose to get to maintenance.  I want to maintain between 138-142.

8.  Lap-band dr. is out of town.  Waiting for him to return to get his advice at how we move forward from here.  I am thinking that I just want to go back to maybe 3 cc in my band and see if that will be doable for maintenance.  (I am a bit anxious though about how many fills that will take since my body freaks out at the smallest fill--my "paid in full"  year is almost up---how expensive will this be??)

9.  I purchased new workout wear from Old N*vy on-line.  I still have a hard time ordering Mediums...I always want to hedge and at least try large (let alone XL or XXL or plus.)  I think my brain has some catching up to do with my new sizes. 

10.  I know I still haven't posted any pictures.  I don't know why......I seem to talk myself out of taking the 'after" pictures.  I am going to get over this though---just you wait.


  1. Size 6:) You are the BOMB DOT COM! You go girl!

  2. OMG. Oh.My.God. Size 6?!?! That is fantastic!!!! Way to go!

    Ok, linking, all I do is highlight my name (when your writing out your post, or in 'edit' mode) then there's a button at the top that says link. Go to my page, copy my url address and then paste it in the link box.

    BTW, do I have your email? I don't think I do, or if i did, i think i've lost it. Could you send it to me? laurawiksten @ hotmail . com

  3. Congrats on the size 6! I think you could try for a small at Old Navy!

    And I'm glad everything looked good with your band check-up. I've heard alot of people have to get their gallbladders removed. So shouldn't be too much hassle if you end up having that done. :)

  4. size 6 is awesome! great job!