Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Rough night....little one has an ear up several times with her.  After the last time, I couldn't fall back asleep and eventually got up for the day at 4:20am.

2.  What would you do if you were awake at 4:20 am, still on summer break and don't have to get up???  Read a book?  Clean something?  I went to the gym and did 85 mins. of cardio BEFORE I had my Pilates Reformer class @ 7:15am.

3.  Does anyone else get tight when it's hot?  (Or you are in the middle of your cycle?  Or the moon is in the third phase?  Or it's a day of the week that ends in the letter "y?")  silly question!

4.  Let me remind you....I have 1.5cc in a 10 cc band.  I have been stuck the last two days on the weirdest things.  How is it possible though....there isn't anything in my band!!!!!

Today it happened again....on cornbread mind you.  Now...I know....bread is in the word "corn bread" and I avoid bread BUT cornbread is the consistency of cake.  I don't avoid cake.  I don't get stuck on cake.  Anyhoo, I threw up four times over the course of 3 hours b/c the cornbread was just sitting there.  Please refer back to #3 if you have insight.

5.  Spent 11 hours  working in my classroom the last two days.  School starts for me on the 6th.  Still have things to do to get ready!!

6.  Today we got a patio.  Yes, a patio.

We have been renovating the backyard and the crew came yesterday to prep for paving stones.  Today they laid the whole patio and it looks great!!!!  I have waited 12 years for a new patio and yard so I am pretty excited.  Pix to follow.

7.  Bought the cutest cropped / cuffed jeans at Kohl's for $9 and they were size 6!!!  Yes people....a 6!  This is the second size 6 I have bought.  My goal is to be consistently a size 8 and I have been since June, but getting a 6 in there once in awhile is good for the ego.

8.  Today is "neighbor night."  Yep.  A get together with neighbors.  During the school year we do "neighbor night" on Sundays.  We have dinner and watch "Survivor" and the "Amazing Race."  We have done this for 12 years!!!  The tradition started the summer that Survivor premiered and we had such a good time hanging out, it stuck.  Since our shows are in hiatus over the summer, we get together and swim instead.  (Survivor starts at the end of September and we will be back to Sundays.)

9.  It's hot.  I wish we had air conditioning.

10.  I have a "date" this weekend with my son (aka Monkey #1).  We are going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then we are going to watch the first Harry Potter movie together per his request.  We have read the first 4 books in the series and he thinks he is ready to try the first movie.  (yes, he is a scaredy cat...doesn't like anything dark or scary in movies.  I am exactly the same.  I read all kinds of scary books, serial killers, true crime, etc. BUT can't watch any of it on DVD.  Weird huh.)

Have a good day! 


  1. You don't have air conditioning??? I would die.

    I have been back at school for almost a month...but we get out in May.

    Date night at BWW sounds yummy!

  2. Way to rock the workout. And size 6... boo yeah!! I would have to be peeled off the ceiling if I hit that!!!

  3. Yup, I'd lose my mind with no AC. LOL

    One of my favorite parenting moments has been my then-8-year-old discovering the Harry Potter series. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and when Patrick started reading I was THRILLED! Enjoy your date night!

  4. Yuuuum, BWW. I want to have crashed your date! lol

    Neighbor night sounds like a blast. I wish we were close to our neighbors!