Sunday, August 26, 2012

My "Go*dwill" Hunt!

Hello to all of you!

Today I headed out to G*odwill in search of a jacket.  Today was the LAST DAY of my 25% off coupon before it expired.  (Forgive the no make-up's hot!)  Here's what I got:

a blouse for work

a jacket...horrible shot of me in it but my 8 year old was in charge of the camera so you get what you get

Anne Klein shoes....I know....I know...pointy toes are a bit dated BUT I LOVE THEM and can never find pointy shoes in the stores.  I am leading a one-woman campaign to bring back the pointy toed shoes!

a pink tank top

  All for $22.46....Yipee!


  1. nice!!! I'm a Goodwill-a-holic myself!

  2. I really like the blouse for work. Everything is great, but it can be hard trying to find nice clothes that will work well for work. :)

  3. I love the finds! I always have loved pointy toed shoes, but I don't feel like I can pull them off. You've inspired me to try! :)

  4. I'm OBSESSED with this local thrift store (similar to Goodwill.) I have a blast going in and "shopping til I drop" and not spending much. Isn't it fun?

    Everything looks great on you. I have a similar pair of shoes in Navy - so cute!