Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 things THURSDAY

It's Thursday already?????  Where did the week go?

I have had so much going on that I haven't read,commented, or posted this week.  I am out of town now & hope to have some downtime to catch up with what has been going on.

1.  Out of town for the next few days for my SIL wedding

2.  Brought my workout wear & am going to get in a workout fri, sat, & Sunday.

3.  Today is my 15th wedding anniversary!  I am the same size (not weight) that I was at 26 after 8 months on phen-fen...the wonder diet pill of the 90s.

4.  I tried Pilates on the reformer last night for the first time. Gotta love Plum District for the deal.  I hav3 10 more sessions.

5.  I am not giving up...let me repeat....NOT up on my goal of another five pound loss.

6.  I keep bouncing back and forth on my weight....really my body thinks I am in maintenance.  I dont get it because I am journalling my food.

7.  My ass is seriously getting tight!  Yes, I did just give myself a compliment!  I have been working out soooooooooo hard with the weights and I can tell it is working..I feel strong.

8.  I get to see my BIL and family from the east coast tomorrow and I am soooooo excited.  They are here for the same wedding.

9.  Can't wait to get my groove on at the reception with my hubby....apparently that will be our anniversary celebration this year.

10.  I still have 1.5 cc in my band & it's still scary but I am trying to deal with it. Eating at cup of foodor more is still worrisome for me but it hasn't lead to a binge yet.  I have had to resort to gum chewing again to help with the head hunger.

Hope all is well in your world.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    I LOVE Pilates on the Reformer!! and talk about getting your booty tight - Pilates is great for that!!
    Have a fun time at the wedding!

  2. Happy anniversary! I did the whole phen-fen thing in 1997. A few years ago I was cleaning out a box and found the weight chart I was doing at that time. I only weighed 145 when I started the phen-fen...but in my mind at that I time I was huge.

  3. happy anniversary!!! enjoy the wedding and stay on the dance floor!

  4. high five for a tighter booty!

  5. If you're not already, try drinking more water. Really helps me with my hunger levels! :)