Monday, July 23, 2012

Palm Springs, CA

Monkey #1 giving me a piggy back ride.
 We just got back from a little vacation.  We stayed at the Westin Villas (above) and had a blast.  For those of you unfamiliar with Palm Springs, it is H-O-T in the summer.  That's why we's cheaper to stay in the HOT, it's close & nice pool to hang out in all day.  We basically lived in that pool by the way!!!

Monkey #2 wasn't tall enough to ride alone on the hotel's waterslide but Mom & Dad were happy to go with her.

  Now, pre-band, I would have still gone on the waterslide but I would have felt self-conscious.  Not this year, I really didn't think about walking around in my bathing suit. 

Do I have a rocking body?  NO!!! Do I have a normal "mom body?"  Hell yes. 

Out to dinner with the Mr.

At the pool with the Mr.

I did NOT journal my food while on vacation.  I DID eat some things I shouldn't have like Pecan Sandies and puffy Cheetos.  I DID go to the gym every day but one and worked out hard!!!  I did NOT have a binge while under the influence of was close, but friends and hubby kept an eye on my Cheetos consumption. I DID do a great job at portion control of meals.  Overall,  I DID have a wonderful time. 

Yesterday, I weighed in at 146 and started journaling my food and exercise again.  (TOM so my weight was more retention related than vacation related...thank goodness!)  Today, 143 lbs.  So I seemed to have maintained while on vacation.  Phew.  Thank you band.


  1. looks like you guys had a blast!! I love those dang puffy Cheetos too. Those and Pirate's Booty. CrAcK!

  2. Love the pics! you are so pretty!
    LOVE puffy cheetos.. can't start eating them b/c I will not be able to stop!!

  3. Looks like it was a blast!! I LOVE puffy Cheetos too. I cant eat just one... so I don't start. Way to control the binge eating while drinking. I am HORRIBLE with that. Have to avoid the alcohol. lol.

  4. Maintained on vacation?! WHAT! you are kicking some serious butt! :)

  5. Mmm, Pecan Sandies. Sorry, I was lost after that. I LOVE those. Wah. I want some. lol

    Great job maintaining over vacation - major victory! You look awesome in the pics, beautiful family. :)

  6. You are one hot momma! Congrats on the holiday maintenance.

  7. That is awesome you was able to maintain your weight. You look awesome.

  8. I want your brown hat. Or perhaps buy one like it. Tell me where I can get one like that??? My email is