Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ode to "the girls"....yep, boobies....not BOOBS

Le MystereYesterday I went bra shopping.  "My girls" have been neglected as I have lost weight.

At first, I was pretty excited that my cup size did not change as I started to lose.  (Trust me, I do not particularly want to have big boobies, but I also didn't want to have "deflated water balloon boobies" either as I got smaller.)  I was crediting the slow loss, increase of protein and muscle mass, etc.  Pats on the back for me!!!

My band size kept shrinking though!  Yipee. 

Well, now I am losing in the cup area too.  So anyhoozle, I needed to go get some new bras.

I had a NSV in midst of this outing....a frustrating one, but still a NSV.  I had a dilly of a time (no one says "dilly"anymore...why did that just pop in my head?)  trying to find 34DD.  I kept getting annoyed that all the  DD bras were 38 or 40...occasionally a 36 DD.  Can you believe that?  I couldn't find ones small enough!!!!  (How many years have I moaned and groaned because I didn't find anything while out shopping for clothes because I was too big.)  I will take this new "problem" anyday.

I did come home with a couple new bras and my "girls" are feeling supported today!


  1. I am a 34F - FF and have always had problems finding bras with a small back but large cup size. I buy them through a specialist company called bravissimo now.

  2. OMG, I remember having a hard time finding a 38B because I was too big for the typical 36's. Now I'm a 34 barely A and that's a tough one to find too. I figure if it's hard to find a 34A, you must REALLY have a hard time.
    But, congrats on shrinking so many sizes!

  3. That's a great NSV... and I bet if you headed over to Victoria's Secret (if you weren't already there!) you could probably find some. :)