Thursday, September 27, 2012

Triple T

Its Thursday day until Friday!

1.  Went and got a small fill this week ( for those of you keeping score at home I am now at 2.25 cc in a 10 cc band) and even though I don't know if it gave me any restriction or not it definitely helped me get my head back in the game.  I am focused....chewing like its my job...measuring....logging food and kicking hiney at the gym.  Just getting on the scale at the dr office was enough to get me going!

2.  Ordered two new workout shirts last night. This is one of them.

3.  I am sooooo bummed not to be at BOOBS.  would love to meet all of you some day.

4.  Kiddos are going to grammy's house for the weekend so hubby & I can have an anniversary redo.  I have NO IDEA what we are going to do with all that freedom ...I mean free time.

5.  Getting into the rhythm of work...back for a month & the routine is rolling along.  I think I won over my first period today....they have gone from tolerating me @ 7am to actually enjoying me & my crazy teaching activities at 7 am.

6.  NSV today.  Pizza brought in to teachers lounge for lunch...I am talking a truckload of pizza.   I wavered...picked up the phone and called a friend for reinforcement.  I really did not want any pizza...I brought a perfectly wonderful steak salad for lunch.....BUT. The idea of free pizza was really tempting me.   I could have had a slice but I am choosing to have two glasses of wine tonight instead.  Choices.

7.  Yesterday I had the day off from work and instead of sleeping in (like I wanted to) I still got up at 5 am to go to the gym (like I needed) and was home before the kids left for school.  It may be the only day all year that my daughter had cute hair.  Daddy just doesn't make her hairstyles a priority.  I love him anyway.

8.  Last weekend I got to spend 8 hours with one of my very best friends.  I had a blast catching up with her.  I think we talked non- stop the entire time!

9.  Kiddos are in their second week of swim team.  Man is it a lot of work!  For them.....not me....I am watching them swim.  (Actually, on Monday I was working out while watching them swim.  I brought my exercise bands and yoga mat and just worked out on the pool deck.  I REALLY DID NOT CARE IF THE OTHER MOMS THOUGHT THAT WAS WEIRD OR NOT!)

10.  I am making brownies tonight since it's my turn to host " neighborhood night.". EVERY SINGLE BROWNIE must leave the premises with the guests or there will be hell to pay.

hoping your weekend gets off to a great start.  


  1. 1. Thanks for always posting such nice things on my blog. I really appreciate the support.
    2. My roommate and I actually have a "24 hour" rule with sugar. All of it must be disposed of within 24 hours of coming into the house. We have one neighbor that loves us... I think we may be food pushers.
    3. I'm finally getting back into the school groove too! It is so hard after having all Summer to myself.

  2. I just realized your "about me" would fit me too: 41, wife, mother and teacher. :) But I had the sleeve instead of the lapband.

    The wine decision over the pizza was a smart one. :) My daughters just made fresh brownies tonight. They are sitting on my stove cooling. Everyone else has gone to bed. I am not touching those brownies.

  3. I love your comment about all the brownies leaving. :) I do the same thing!