Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When did General Mills start putting crack in Chex Mix?? (only kidding)

Ok, I am not proud that I picked "chex mix" as a snack today.  I am aware that there isn't ANY nutritional value.  I am not perfect nor trying to be --I am real. 

Well, my kids had the "cheddar" flavor with their lunches so I poured out an ounce onto my food scale (at least I was gonna journal it and be accountable) for me.  1/2 cup = 130 calories.....I only had an ounce.       

HOLY SMOKES!  Who knew chex mix could be so delicious???? 

just wondering........

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  1. Yup, I bought it for my kids too and ended up being the one to eat it! It's so darn good,I can't stand it! however, I had an 'episode' of eating too much and having it come back up and so far that's been enough to keep me away from buying another bag.