Thursday, August 25, 2011

Need Advice!

Good morning.

I am looking for advice because I just got my first fill 2 days ago and I don't know what is "normal" with the band and what isn't.

1.  Is it normal to take 3-4 bites of something and then feel like a truck is sitting on your chest and back?
2.  Is it normal to actually feel tightness in your chest with a sip of water?
3.  Is it normal to eat 1/2 of an egg and a corner of toast and throw up?

I don't want to overreact and call the dr. just yet b/c I'm not sure what to expect.  I am trying to take tiny bites and chewing well.  I don't know what it feels like to get the "full signal" from my body.  Any advice would be appreciated.


  1. you should never feel pain when you drink. That is what my surgeon says as I leave every time. But also beware if you are gulping!

    Personally I can't eat toast anymore and I don't like eggs at all. But I have heard MANY girls on here say they can't eat scrambled eggs.

    My advice is to go on mushies for another day, you still might be swollen. Sip your water and if you are still feeling the pain in a day or so call to get an unfill. Good luck!

  2. Yeah I would still give it a day or two. Since my fill last week I can definitely tell a difference but no PB's or stucks. I feel like when I get too full I have pain in my left shoulder...which I can't stand but maybe that'll go away eventually. But I definitely feel a difference in my chest as well. And I get the burpy/hiccups(that's just what i like to call them) more too.

  3. well, tomorrow will be a week since my fill and i seem to be getting stuck on anything and everything. i am taking bites the size of my pinkie nail....and will still occasionally have that dreaded pain in my chest. I don't mind the tiny bites or the chewing marathon but I have no idea why a tiny piece of canteloupe that I have chewed 25 times would hurt. I just called the nurse 5 mins. ago because I really think I need a little unfill. What do you think?

  4. Sounds lime you need an unfill to me. What did the nurse say?

  5. the nurse said she would page the dr. in the morning and see what he wants to do. I am glad I called and am going to push for a small unfill. Cross your fingers it will happen before the end of the week. (I am resorting to eating some high cal things like ice cream, and I really don't even want it.)