Saturday, August 6, 2011

14 days & 1001 exercise minutes

I've got some good news and bad news. 

Good news:  I met my exercise goal for the month of August already!!! Yippee for me!  I have been working out like a fiend because it is summer and I have the time since I am off work.  I am also so newly banded that I just want to get the show on the road and jump start getting fit.

Bad news:   I haven't lost a single pound in those 14 days.  (Yep, wiping the tears from my cheeks as I type.) 

Where to go from here: well, I am going to try and eat a little more.  (It just seems counter-intuitive that I actually need to eat more calories than I am.  Duh..... eat less to lose weight....not the other way around.)  I have been trying to stay around 1200-1400 calories but several people have said that I need to eat more.  I looked this up on the internet and apparently for my current weight and activity level, I should be having approximately 1600 and then as I lose keep bringing the total number of calories down.  For my goal weight (130-135), it said to eat about 1400.

Am I crazy??  Does this sound at all right?


  1. I struggle with that too because on the days that I do kick boxing I know I'm way hungrier and that probably means my body needs more calories, but I'm such a lifetime dieter it's hard to accept that!
    I think you're on the right path. I can't wait to see if the extra calories helps!

  2. thanks for your encouragement! I am going to try and get in more calories....but good solid food not by eating chips or something that is empty calories. I'll let you know in a few days what is happening. (I am scared are right, the lifetime of dieting is making me freak out that I will be gaining weight at 1600 calories! Old habits die hard.)