Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So this is what restriction feels like...

I went to get my first fill yesterday.  (For those of you new to all this band's how I think it works.  When the band is inserted it only has a little bit of fluid in it to keep the port line filled. Once healed from surgery, many patients just feel like their normal self while eating.  I was one of those people who could eat anything, gulp my water at the gym, etc. You have to wait until you get the first "fill" to actually feel some restriction while eating.) 
Sooooooooo - Dr. P ended up putting in 4 cc.  While doing the swallow test in the office, I didn't feel anything.  I could drink normally.  He said we'd start with the 4cc total and then in 4 weeks adjust as needed.

This morning, I tried some watery malt-o-meal.  First bite swallowed and WHAM!  Tightness in my chest and back. So that's what it feels like if you take too big of a bite of even something soft.  Barely could eat 2 oz taking teeny, tiny bites.  Had a protein shake post-workout, and drank it with caution.  Watery mashed potatoes for lunch (with some Fage Greek Yogurt mixed in)... tightness again. 

We will see what things are like by tomorrow morning. 

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  1. yup, you got restriction.
    Also, they never tell patients this but be super careful around your period time, or when you're constipated. I can be totally fine and then WHAM, I get stuck like crazy and end up throwing up for hours right around my period. And be careful if you take a nap in the middle of the day, because "morning band" can strike and eating dinner could be a challenge. Ahhh, the things we have to keep in mind for this thing to be a success!