Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exercise Update

Well, today I went on the treadmill for 55 minutes and then worked on my "muscle machine"...that's what my kids call it.  (Technically it is off-brand of the Chuck Norris Total Body Gym.) Mine is by Weider see below.

I actually really like this piece of equipment.  Mine has NEVER seen the amount of incline noted in the picture of this workout warrior above does help strengthen and tone my arms and back.  You work out against your own body weight.  I do have to say that it has really firmed up my legs too!!

I have been continuing to exercise (see my ticker) but not quite as much as I had been the previous two weeks. I am sticking with trying to eat about 1600 calories + cross your fingers that the extra calories convince my body to let go of some fat.  We will see if this new combination is working when  I report on my weight on Monday the 15th.

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