Friday, July 8, 2011

Now we are talkin

I am now 9 days post-surgery and finally starting to feel like myself.  I am getting back some of my energy and eating a little more....I think the two are related!  My tummy really started to feel great yesterday around the port EXCEPT that I get this crazy nerve pain.  Oh yes, nerve pain.  No rhyme or reason to when and why it zaps me but I literally CAN NOT move or breath when it is aggrievated.  Only hit like 4 times so far today and I'll take it.  I think that my insides are moving around and as the settle in to their new positions something was putting pressure on something else.  (Oh yes, so much technical medical jargon you can hardly keep up huh!!)

Anyone have any ideas?? I don't see the doctor until next Friday & I hope it's gone by then.

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  1. humm...not sure about the port pain! I didn't really have any until I started my yoga classes again and I think it was because of crushing the spot!

    Glad you are feeling better!