Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  three women at my work just told me how "skinny I look."  Clearly they need they eyes checked but I will take the complement.   I guess at a shrinking size 12 I look normal....even, dare i say, thin??-- to some.

2.  This is my first post allllllllll week.  I have been reading blogs and commenting, but not much to report or time to do it!

3.  Saw the NUT this week and nabbed a cancellation appointment to go see my dr. earlier than my scheduled visit.  Good news on both accounts.  Interesting conversation with the NUT, nothing earth shattering but we did figure out a few things about what I am eating and reaction from my band.  Can't wait to get a fill ....maybe I will finally be up to 4 cc or 4.5cc...and try out these food ideas with some actual liquid back in my band.

4.  Re-stocked my SF Coffee Syrups last night.  If you don't use them, you should.  Sma*rt & Fin*al sells Torani for $4.99 a bottle or buy six and they are $3.99 each.  I use them every single day in my protein shakes....sometimes to flavor plain Greek yogurt too.

 5.  I am measuring EVERYTHING I put in my mouth this week.  I have to be honest.  In the past I measured some things, guessed some, skipped days, etc.  I have learned that even though I log the food in my journal, IF I don't put in the accurate amount of food, I won't lose.  Funny how that works huh?

6.  My almost-six-year-old started a new dance class last week:  it's Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Tumble.  She really wants jazz shoes but I told her she could just wear her ballet shoes....teacher agrees with this.  Anywhoo, since I said they weren't in the budget as a necessity she would have to make due.  She ended up asking if she paid for them with her OWN MONEY, could she have jazz shoes?  We got them last night.  She slept in them.
7.  We are having a landscape contractor over today to discuss his bid.  Cross your fingers and toes that he comes in at our budget.  Our "old" yard has been ripped out since JULY and we haven't been able to get work started .  Let's hope this guy is the one!

8.  I have started a doing a little running. 
I know, don't fall of the chair in shock b/c you know I hate running.  It's more of a walk 3 mins, jog 3 mins kind of torture, but I am doing it.

9.  I am considering walking or walk/jogging a marathon this spring.  If I can get Lisa to do it ..hint hint if you are reading this Lisa........I will for sure.

10.  I get a 3 day weekend starting after work tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!!


  1. I am so curious about what your NUT recommends...can you share more info?

    1. Ok. What we talked about mostly is why I was having so many stuck episodes even w/ just 4 cc in my band. We talked about how every meal was like a crap shoot...never knowing how it was going to turn out. The bottom line is, I think I was eating too much &definitely too fast EVEN THOUGH in my mind my bites were small & I was chewing 25 times. She looked at my food journal too. We are going to see (once I get a fill) if on the days I eat salad, hours later become stuck events at dinner. I know lettuce is hard for some, but for me it goes down fine...nuts too. She said it might go down ok BUT actually get caught and it's not until I eat my dinner meal tha the food lays right on top of the stuck lettuce causing that chest pain of a "stuck " episode. I am game to try her theory. I don't know if ANY of this will mean anything down the road but it would explain why ( when filled) I am super tight 3 or 4 times a week in the late afternoon & evening....but never at lunch or when I first wake up.

  2. Love the 3 day weekend...I am hoping for a 4 day weekend since it's snowing a little here :)

  3. I agree with your parenting...daughter wants $35 skechers which I can't understand so she saved her own money to get them herself! She's also 6.
    Of course we will pay for half, but it was a great lesson for her to save the dough!

  4. Love that your daughter slept in her jazz shoes. Awwww

    Also so cool that you're being called skinny!

  5. I felt skinny in a 16, but that's just me. ;) Size 12 is awesome!