Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I was actually glad to be back at work.

I was actually glad to be back at work today.

Well, only kind of.

I do enjoy my job but I really just needed to be back to work because it makes being in charge of my eating SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!  Here's what I mean:

point 1:  I am super busy so it's not until my stomach is growling out loud that I take some time to actually stop and eat.  (Even then I took me an hour to eat a Chobani yogurt because I could only take a bite every once in awhile due to needing my mouth empty to talk!)

point 2:  If I don't pack the food in my lunch/snack bento box, I don't eat it.  Nothing else available for me to eat.....unless I go off campus at lunch....or go to the vending machines in the teacher's lounge........or swing by the main office.  (BUT I never do those things mentioned above....at least I haven't for the last year.)  If I stay in my classroom, I am pretty safe.

point 3:  Tuesdays are my "late day" at work.  I stay after my teaching periods are over, get caught up on work, run errands, go to the gym.  I don't have to be on "mom duty" until dinner time! 

I enjoyed my vacation from work, but I know that it will be easier to stop the snacking and fight temptations of all the holiday goodies.


  1. I was also so happy school started....until the homework came home with the tall munchkin...

  2. I was kinda happy to go back because of the same reasoning. Until a shit storm of work was unloaded on me like a pile of ripe cow manure. Basically, work stinks right now.

  3. I agree. It's always easier to stay on track when you're in your regular routine!