Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Wondering.....

1.  Has anyone eaten Sushi (after banding) and how did it go?

2.  Have you ever ordered a "riceless roll" when out for Sushi? How was it?

3.  Can you eat fried food like french fries, fried shrimp, chicken parm with out getting stuck?

4.  What is your favorite high protein food(s)?


  1. I don't have an answer #1 and #2.

    But #3: Yes, yes, and yes....always can eat these.

    #4: Chicken breast with some kind of sauce

  2. I have had sushi and it was fine. But, I have very few restrictions. I can also eat french fries and fried shrimp.
    Just remember, eat them in moderation.

  3. I just had Sushi for lunch yesterday. It's tricky, but doable. I always drink hot tea before hand. I wish they weren't so big...I mangle them, I take about four bites for one piece.
    No to french fries, fried shrimp. Chicken parm is OK..but I scrape off most of the breading.
    Favorite high protein food...STEAK.

  4. I've eaten sushi about once a month since banding...I like snow crab rolls and I request that they be cut into smaller pieces so they are more manageable. Another trick I've learned is to put the piece in my mouth and then chew and swallow in small increments (if that makes sense). It takes me several minutes to get each piece down. I really don't have any food restrictions - I can eat anything (although I don't eat fried things very often simply because they aren't good for me). I would say that my favorite high protein food is seafood - fish or shrimp - great protein and not many calories depending on how you cook it.