Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I did it.....60 miles, 3 days, one cure!!

 Packing for the trip.

 That's the shirt that my students signed if they wanted to sponsor me.

Bright and EARLY on day 1.  My small but fun team:  Save the Ta-Ta's

 Opening Ceremony

 On the route...the fire truck's sign said "3-day Walkers are HOT"  (it mad me smile!)

 How could I tell this fan "NO" to the offer of beer shots....liquid carbs...what's a girl to do?

 Happy Hour...we made a pit stop.

 My Aunt (survivor) and cousin were at the finish line for day 1.  
It was so nice to have some familiar faces at the end of 20 miles.

 My hubby brought the kids down to visit me at camp the second night.  
Do I look like I just stumbled in to camp after walking 40 miles in 2 days?

 I loved this guy and his great shirt.  He was a super fan (a.k.a. "a walker stalker") 
for the weekend.  His wife was walking but he cheered for each and every one of us.

 After walking through the rain for part of the morning, we are about 1 mile to the finish line.

I had an amazing time.  I am definitely walking again next year.  Anyone want to join me? 


  1. Love all the pics! My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I do a walk every year...but it certainly isn't 40 miles. You're awesome!

  2. What an amazing accomplishment for you and your team! Great job. I'd love to do a 3 day. You've inspired me to set a new goal!