Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goals for the week

Apparently, I am not meeting my goals.

(You ask:  "What goals?" .....I have never seen/read in her posts that she actually set any.
My reply:  Yes, I know....I haven't really stated any....that could be the problem.)

Goals for the week:

1.  drink a minimum of 70 oz of water each day

2.  get in 6 workouts

3.  FAITHFULLY track my food and exercise in journal on ipad using app.

4.  Follow all the band rules!!!

5.  No wine for the week. (I went a tiny bit overboard last week w/ the birthday celebrating.)

6.  Throw out remaining coconut cream pie.

yes, that last goal needs to be accomplished TONIGHT before I eat any of it!!!!!!!!

What are your goals for the week??

1 comment:

  1. My goals are drink 8+ cups of water per day, exercise at least 4 times, and stay under calories! lol That's all I can promise myself.

    Sounds like your goals are totally attainable. Hell, if your husband or kids get home before you, tell them to throw out the pie!