Monday, November 7, 2011

Did you see my ticker??

Three hours on the treadmill yesterday.  Yep....3 hours.  Here's why:

Sunday was supposed to be my last "training" walk for the 3day for the cure but due to rain, we all had to do our own thing.  Now the walk we had planned was 20 miles which would have taken around 6 hours BUT I really took the rain excuse to heart....did 3 hours and then went to my daughter's basketball game.  Way more fun.
I know I will be fine for the big 60 miles in 2 least I hope so!  (I know day 1 will be fine, it's just the sleeping in a tent, getting ready in the cold, putting back on clothes and going out for another day or two of walking that I am slightly concerned about.) 

I do need to spend some time this week getting things together...I just took a look at the packing list.


  1. Your an animal! 3 hours on the treadmill, amazing!

  2. WOWOWOw. That is amazing!
    Good luck! Take your time and take care fo your feet!

  3. Definitely take care of your feet! And have fun. :)