Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Knew?

As I wait around, counting the days until surgery, I have become a master researcher of blogs.  Blogs of those who had the Gastric Band, those who have the vertical sleeve, Gastric Bypass, waiting for approval, etc.  I have found out some interesting things.  I have been scouring the sites for recipes....stage 2, stage 3, etc.  (The liquid and pureed stages do not seem fun.)  I found out about the DaVinci and Torini Sugar Free syrups to perk up protein drinks and Greek yogurt.  And who knew there was "Peanut or Almond Flour or PB2? "  Apparently these are like nut dust that you can add to things for flavor and added protein.  Hmmmm.  A whole new world of things for me to explore. 

Do you have any favorite product to make "banded life" a little easier or more palatable?


  1. Is there a hazelnut powder to add to a chocolate protein drink?

  2. Good morning! I am new to your blog. I saw you post on Jen's blg this morning and I thought I would say hi! SO Hi!

    I am 6 months out today as a matter of fact. Almost 50 lbs down and really happy!

  3. Wow Amanda!! 50 lbs is AMAZING!! Hopefully, I will follow in your footsteps. I'll gladly take any advice you have to offer. Thanks for checking out my blog.