Sunday, June 12, 2011

Counting the Days

I am 17 days away from surgery.  Doing pretty well on following the pre-op diet because I was already trying to up my protein.  I have my oh-so-fancy-binder for the pre-op / post-op info and foods to eat.  I have heard the first few weeks aren't that great....but trying to remind myself, that this is just the beginning.  I am hoping to be one of those patients who can eat most of the things they did pre-band but in small quantities and with some superhuman chewing.

Not drinking Diet Coke is gonna hurt for's my go to item at work.  If I am bored or annoyed or evading a calories--better than eating.  Oh and gum chewing....that has been my new thing to keep my mouth occupied.  The nutritionist said under "no circumstances" am I to chew gum.  Oh course I will follow the rules but come on.....I have really been trying to change things with my eating the last 6 months and now they are taking away sugar-free gum??  oh well, definitely not the end of the world. 

I think I'm just nervous.  Any words of wisdom as I get closer to my surgery date??


  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. I can understand your nervousness, I was nervous too. Keep us updated on your journey. HUGS! :)

  2. I chew gum!! I just am careful not to swallow it! I haven't swallowed my gum since I was tiny.
    I don't drink soda at all...just makes me feel to full! Same with beer. I might have one draft beer on occasion but not really!

    You will find what works for you! So far I can eat everything..just not nearly as much as before. No where near! Like 5 fries and I am done. Some days I feel like I can eat a horse and other days no all that hungry!

    Be nervous...we all were. But I promise you it is worth it! Ask plenty of questions...

  3. No gum? Why no gum? No cookies I could understand, gum?

  4. no gum because if you swallow it --the gum could plug up the opening to your stomach. Seriously though, just like amanda said above, I haven't swallowed gum since I was like 5. I'm not gonna risk it though for awhile b/c I don't want to be the dork who broke the rule and winds up having to get it removed when i'm just a few months out of surgery.

  5. I never heard the "no-gum" rule. I can barely walk and stand up at the same time. Eek!

    Catching up on your journey, and I'm loving your blog so far. Surgery will be a breeze, just be sure to take LOTS of pictures and take measurements, they really do help to see the progress!

    Only 14 more days now. :)