Friday, June 3, 2011

Not to sound redundant but...

I went to my second support group meeting.  The meetings are hosted by the hospital where I will be having my surgery done.  Now, here is where it sounds redundant-- the meetings are interesting and I definitely feel that they listen & try and motivate each other.  (I know, I know....that is what a "support group" is supposed to do)  I stayed after the meeting with some lovely ladies (K, S, & N) and we are trying to hold each other accountable for exercise.  For me, I have no problem getting motivated to exercise but the food I put in my mouth is a whole challenge on it's own.  I hope that if I can help motivate them to exercise, they will help motivate me with what to eat.  One day at a time.

28 days until surgery.


  1. I'd make you a cookie to show my support....but I guess that won't be very supportive......
    I wonder what that cookie would look like?
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi! Thanks for your note on my blog! You are at such an exciting part of your band process... be sure to take a bunch of "before" photos ASAP, and to take your measurements now, too. You will definitely want them later.

    Wow! Only 28 days to go! My other advice is not to go too crazy on the "Last Meals." Truth is, you can pretty much eat anything you can eat now once you're banded -- you'll just eat less of it. And, from the time you're back on solids until you get a proper fill, you'll be able to eat about as much as you can now. So, this isn't the "last chance" time period that I thought it was when I was going through it. (Actually, I was really comforted when I figured that out!)

    As for bikini pics, I'll look forward to seeing you post your own in a year or two! Believe it. This band thing really works. :) Congratulations on your decision -- and I hope you enjoy this process as much as I have!