Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teenagers make me crazy!

Teenagers....kind of a curse word for me today.  Stressful and annoying day at work today involving.....yes, you guessed it, teens.  Normally I love my job.  Normally I take their sometimes ego-centric, irresponsible, & helpless behavior in stride....they really are just kids....big ones....but still kids.  Today they pushed me over the edge.  (too long of a story to even bore you with.)  Normally I would be rooting through the pantry looking for something to take the edge off....yes, food is my drug of choice.   My stress-relief.  I am tempted.

Today though is NOT a normal day.  I refuse to seek food as comfort!!!!  (NSV:  just recognizing this and STOPPING myself is a step in the right direction.)

hope your day is going great.


  1. Want me to poke em in the eye?? Good job on refusing the comfort food! I want to eat a sub and no one is annoying me!! Hope today is better!

  2. Uh-oh. You need to let those little punks know what's up. Want me to slap 'em around for you?