Friday, September 30, 2011

3 month-a-versary

Three months ago I had surgery.  Even though I have not lost as much as I thought I would 3 months out (only -12), I am still happy that I have made some progress.  I am still trying to get to the green zone and even figure out what my band will and won't allow me to eat.  38 lbs. down, 27 more to go.

I may only be 3 months banded but I have been on my journey for 10 months.  Living with a food addiction makes everyday a challenge.  I have not conquered it, but I sure am making progress.


  1. Happy Bandaversary lol. It's definitely been a slow process but worth every bit of it! My 3 months is coming up on the 5th so Cheers to that and can't wait to see how far we've come at 6 months!

  2. Happy anniversary! You've done an amazing job staying focused on your goal! Keep up the great work!