Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

Another Ten Things Thursday brought to you by: Laura Belle!

1.  I wish I knew how to link LB's blog to my post....then the thank you would really work out  You know, how you savvy bloggers have the name of the person in a different color and you can just click on it?  Anyone?  A little help here?

2.  We survived our first sleepover...remember, I posted about the cousins coming over!!  (My oldest is asleep already.  He took a nap today too.  He was a tired mess.)

3.  More focused on making smart food choices today than the last few days.  Trying to break the cycle before it spirals out of control completely.

4.  Struggling with needing some RESTRICTION!!!!!!!  I won't get to see my dr. until Feb. 2nd.  I am sitting here at 3.5 cc in a 10 cc band.  I know we are being cautious but when I had restriction for that one was heaven.  I finally understood why so many of you say you LOVE your band.  Now I am back to doing it on my own....again....kind of frustrating.  I have had one good month out of six since surgery.

5.  Upping my weights at the gym seems to be making my arms a bit more cut!  Yippee.  Now, I could be imagining it but I swear my biceps and shoulders feel sooooo tone.

6.  I get to go to Zumba tomorrow!  Not my favorite teacher (my fav is recovering from shoulder surgery) but still get a good sweat on.

7.  Making a protective sleeve for my ipad 2 that is actually turning out pretty cute.  Pix to come once it's finished.

8.  Four more days of vacation. yeah!  Still have some papers to grade though.  boo!

9.Trying to pick my word for 2012...who knew that would be such a challenge for me?

10.  Miss hearing from some of  you........Amy at Finding Me (last two posts were about coupons...I love coupons but wondering how YOU are doing.)  KristinaB at Complete 180 (where are you???)  Jen at It Is ALL about have been MIA lady.

Hope you have a good evening!


  1. I have an appt on Feb. 2nd too!!

    I absolutely refused to bring any work home over Christmas break. I stayed at work on the last day until all exams were graded and put in the computer. I probably should have done some lesson plans...but I will worry about that when I go back :)

    To include a link on your posts there is the word "link" on the tool bar (right above where you are on that and then you actually type in the web address. If you want the text to show up something different than the web address there is a place to type that in as well. I hope all that wasn't too confusing...I am not very good at giving written directions :)

  2. Can you call and put your name on a list for any upcoming cancellations and get a fill in Jan? Little to no restriction doesn't sound fun at all!

  3. LOL, I'm here, just finding good coupons for foods to stock up on now that I'm on such a protein kick! :) My weight was up and down quite a bit in the last two weeks, but things seem to have settled down....hopefully! :) Take care! XO XO

  4. Yeah!!! I suck though b/c all you wonderful people did the 10 things but yours truly lazy ass hefer didn't. Oh well. Hope your holidatys were great!