Saturday, July 13, 2013


I have been avoiding all of you.

You (all my blogging ladies) have been helping me stay accountable for 2 years. 

Not any longer.  I have avoided posting because I don't know what to do....I don't know what to say.  I'm not even sure if I should have this blog any longer...I'm not banded.

I am actually jealous of you...yes you.  I want my lap band back....and I can't....and I need help with my eating.

Sooooo, I am having a hard time commenting on your posts because I am happy for your continued sucess but sad for me.

I really feel like I spend all this money, worked super hard to lose weight, and now I feel it slipping away. 

I am sad, lost, and confused. 


  1. I'm thinking of you and hope your journey doesn't end here. We are all still here and thinking of you!

  2. Hey girl! Hang in there-- I am not sure what the next steps for weight assistance are being offered, but you are NOT crazy and what is happening is not abnormal.
    The band helped you-- even as it was so hard to deal with (I feel your pain on that.) Now is the time to get back with your doctor, sorry if I am repeating something you've already said.... and say you need help.
    There is more help out there for you-- and the more you hate on yourself and punish yourself, the worse you'll be eating.
    Take a KIND approach to yourself. Eat A LOT-- but make it a lot of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins now that you can do it. Make it your goal to drink 100 oz of water per day... these things will help, some. But mainly: I encourage you to return to your surgeon and talk about the next steps. PLEASE, hang in there and do not go away... there will be another chapter for you. You are having a natural (and unfortunate) reaction to your band removal. Google: "Refeeding syndrome" and hang in there. I'm watching for you...

  3. How did I not know that you were going through all this?? I guess in my own self absorbed depression I fell off the blog wagon and wasn't reading like I normally would. I am so sorry to hear about your predicament. As someone who has struggled with my band a LOT myself, I can imagine how you feel. I've had a completely empty band for much of my time since surgery due to complications. Unfortunately I didn't lose enough to even get my BMI below 40 so it's back in for VSG. I really hope you find something that works for you. Maybe staying on with a nutritionist and trainer in the meanwhile? Or finding a way to surround yourself with a health conscious social circle or support group. I wish I had answers for you. Hang in there!