Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I love about me

As Amy suggested on her blog, I am going to write a list of a few things I love about me.  This is actually quite challenging....I don't really think about this topic much.

1.  I love my CALVES.  Yes, I said it!!!  I have great claves....muscular & defined but not big.  They look good while wearing heals or rocking the elliptical machine.  (I know b/c I was checking myself out yesterday on the elliptical.)

2.  I am happy.  99% of the time I am happy and everyone knows it.  My students think I drink tons of coffee...but I am just a naturally positive kind of gal.

3.  I am a good wife, mom, & teacher.  I take all 3 of my "jobs" seriously.....and I am gonna be successfull at them!

4.  I have a great work ethic. 

5.  I am a good friend.

6.  I am funny.  (I crack myself up all the time)

7.  I am strong and independent.

The list of things I don't like might be just as long.......uh oh!

Have a good day!


  1. I love the list! I found mine hard to write as well! I think we should do this more often.

  2. love it! i want to do it too but coming up with only a handful of things. NOT GOOD!