Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

I don't know who will start TTT this week but since I have a few minutes to spare, I am gonna get a jump on it!

1.  I have been away from my blog for way too long!
Here I am...just in case you forgot who I was! 

 I have been reading yours though...commenting occasionally...kind of lurking.

I think this may be avoidance.

2.  I am struggling.  My weight is fluctuating.  I feel out of control.

3.  My band has been doing all kinds of weird things.  I still only have 2.25cc or 2.5cc (I actually can't remember!)  and normally have NO restriction AT ALL.  Flew to the east coast over the holidays and spent quite a few of the days not being able to eat ANYTHING.  I was all over the place with crazy restriction. Why would that be??

4.  Did I mention that I am struggling?  It's freaking me out.  I am so afraid that the couple pounds of regain are going to turn into 10...then 15 etc.  I keep trying to get back on track but the weight doesn't budge.

5.  I want to get a fill so I feel back in control of my eating but after the craziness of last week and being too tight.....I am TOTALLY afraid.

6.  Going "back to basics" with my band.  No more pushing the limits to see if I can eat bread.  Got my stop- watch out again to slow me down.  Measuring everything.  (If I can't get a fill, I better use the "rules" in order to get back in control.)

7.  My New Year's Resolutions are to spend less $ and get more done!  I have replaced my wardrobe with all size 8 I don't NEED to shop....I just love it.  No more for awhile.

I also want to get more done around my house.  Work in the yard, try and replace my eating compulsion with cleaning and organizing.

8.  I have made a goal to lose 5 pounds by April 15th.  I will do this by using MFP, working out, and blogging my honest emotions.

9.  I am really having an urge to get a puppy.....seeing Robyn's little Hugo just kills me. I won't get a time for the extra responsibility...but darn it....I think I secretly wished I would have had 3 kids instead of 2 and think a puppy will help.  Pipe dream!

10.  I am running a half-marathon over Mother's Day weekend.  I hate to run. 

Remind me.........why did I sign up????

See ya!


  1. Band basics... uuu! I feel ya! You can do it! Being too tight is no fun!

    Way to go with the 1/2! Kicking butt!

  2. I fully understand the lurking, I do that too when I am struggling :p but the year is looking better and I think you May running goal is fantastic, I wish I was up for something like that by May, best of luck :o)

  3. I know you can get back on track! We are here for support anytime! I too have felt out of control over the holidays and need to restart!

  4. Back to freaking mantra these days. :) Good luck!!!

  5. i hate running too. i don't feel this inspirational need to participate in a 5k HOWEVER i think it'll be good for my weight loss. so i'm doing one soon too. GOOD LUCK!