Sunday, May 5, 2013

The end of the weekend

Its the end of another weekend.  who ever wants to go to work on mondays?  not me.  maybe my really random things to share will take your mind off of it being a Monday:

1.  I seemed to have adopted the term "shitastic" into my vocabulary thanks to Laura belle

2.  Watched about 5 episodes of "Lock Up"  marathon wondering if Rambo(Drazil's man) deals with these kinds of people.

3.  I was singing to Wham on the the top of my lungs mind you.....just yesterday.  1982 is wondering what is wrong with me.  Can't blame that on any of you bloggers!

4.  I am actually missing my run/walk workouts.  (Did I really just type that?) i went back to exercising this week but just walking at 3.5 mph.  Tried elliptical & light weights yesterday at the gym..still feel a little pull at the former port site but its only been 2.5 weeks.  I really need to get my sweat on...I hate running but I love the feeling when I am done...clear headed. Slim Katie talks about this.

5.  Still trying to follow all of the "band" rules even though I could just eat and eat and eat.  I definitely notice my hunger levels are fullness at all....ability to eat anything and everything.  Fortunately, my weight is hanging in around 141 - 143.  My goal weight is 145.

Hope your week starts off great.


  1. I picked up "balls" from Vanessa.
    I love shittastic- maybe I will adopt it as well!
    Good work maintaining! I think you are a rockstar!