Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's official....I hate my band.

You know the saying:  "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"---well, that's why you haven't heard from me in months.  My band is out to get me....I am sure of it now.  Here's my tale of woe.

You may remember that I have been all over the place with fills and un-fills since I got the band almost 2 years ago. I got a complete unfill last June (2012) and have moved up to 2cc in September 2012.  Should be fine right???

My band and/or tummy are just not happy with each other.  I have found that I have a SUPER DUPER small pouch  (24 cc).  A year ago my dr. said that "was a bit on the small size but no big deal."  (I wanted to say to the dr:    Uh....maybe that is why my band is so sensitive to .1cc fill.......ya think???)

After several very strange band events the last two months, resulting in throwing up 10-15 times in one day...not being able to hold even water down, sleeping for 12-14 hours to try and reduce swelling, etc.  I know it's not "food poisoning"--which is what the support group leader suggested.  I know it's my band.

On the 28th of March I had a little issue with dinner...not stuck but some excessive burping through the evening.  Had a hard time eating the next day, so mostly did mushies. (Was going through some serious stress at the same time....student confided she is pregnant.  oh what?) Saturday was the same...lots of tightness...eating very little.  Sunday morning......repeat.  By Monday, April 1st, I was very unhappy--couldn't keep water down....bad pain, woke up two nights in a row with reflux.  I went to dr. on 4/2 in tears and got a complete unfill.

Dr. looks in my chart and note that I had an upper GI last June and an abdominal ultrasound and everything with the band looks great.  No slips.  He comments again that my pouch is tiny.....this time he mentions that most pouches are between 30-40 cc.....I am 24cc....half of what some "normal" pouches measure.  Hello!  Why is my pouch so small in the first place???  Is this why my body is soooooooo sensitive to fills, hormones, food, stress, the moon being in the 3rd phase?? 

Unfortunately, even though I got an unfill,  I still couldn't even get broth down for several days.  By FRIDAY 4/5,  I have essentially gone through an entire week not eating and barely drinking---each sip brought nerve pain in my back and tons of burps.  Called dr. office and was advised to continue with clear liquids through the weekend.  Come in on Monday if still a problem. 

At this point I am worried that I will get dehydrated, mad at myself because I MUST have done something to cause this, wondering what is "really wrong with my band," etc.  Why did I choose "lap band?"  What do I do if something is wrong and I have to pay to get it removed?  How come I hadn't heard of the verticle sleeve back then??

Bottom line, I am still on liquids and mushies.  Eating maybe 1/4 cup of food 3 times a day.  I hope that things work out and I am able to eat solids again some day.

Ugh!!!   I am so jealous of those of you who love their bands.


  1. Wow. You seriously shouldn't be haven't those problems. I would get a different opinion if I were you.

  2. So sorry things are not working out right now...I hope and pray it all gets settled soon and you are albe to purely "love" your band!!! P.S. I have had the same question about the sleeve as you and I don't hate my band, so know your not alone!!

  3. I have had the same question lately about the sleeve, I think maybe there are a lot of us that have.... and I love my band.

    I am going to add you to my prayers and I hope it straightens out soon. Dman thing anyway!

  4. I'm wondering about a second opinion as well. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get this figured out, I'm sure this is just a terrible time for you. :(

  5. Oh wow, that just stinks. I'm so sorry. I would definitely not keep letting them brush you off. At this point I would be demanding an upper GI to see if there is erosion, a slip or something that is most definitely wrong. I feel very blessed for a few reason, I read a TON of band blogs before getting the sleeve so I knew they could be fickle. And honestly the very FIRST time I had ever heard of the VSG was from the insurance coordinator assigned to my case when I called to begin the process of "bariatric surgery" Even my initial results (Apr. 2010) turned up that it was part of a two part surgery (the DS) and used mostly for SUPER morbidly obese (and I was only morbidly.) Thank goodness my hubby pushed me to research it further and once I learned what the sleeve was all about I KNEW it was the right surgery for me. (Sleeved in Oct. 2010). I'm so SORRY that you are going through all this pain. I obviously don't know your sitation or finances, but there have been lots of successful band-to-sleeve revisions. Sometimes in the same surgery and sometimes done in two parts (band removal and subsequent sleeve.) Hugs to you.

  6. Oh and one other thing, back in Oct. 2010...I had a VERY skilled surgeon who had been in bariatrics for a VERY long time who had done THOUSANDS of bands, and THOUSANDS of RNYs, but I was his 15th sleeve. Yikes. Talk about trust...

  7. So sorry to hear about all your troubles. Thinking of you and fingers crossed the problem can get sorted. In the meantime, try and keep stress levels down as I find that makes the band tighter. xxx

  8. I hope you will consider what others are saying about a second opinion- even if your pouch is small you should be able to eat (small amounts). My sleeve is very small and still healing and I'm able to eat 1/3 cup of food with out any discomfort! I'm so sorry you are having all of these complications. I was completely in love with my band, but my stomach decided to try to eat it (erosion)! I don't fault myself or my surgeon (I went back to him for revision) my body simply decided it did not like the band being in it. I had ZERO symptoms of any problems, it was discovered when I went for a fill. I hope you will seriously consider another doctor- you know your body and obviously something is not right! Good luck and I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep us posted!

    1. Thanks Jen. Btw, I am soooooo glad u got your revision and things are going so well.